Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014 Catch Up

 Busy and so Behind on Posting.....So this is a post of random photos catching you up on how fast time flies.  Clayton celebrated another year!!!!  The guys had to get some ice fishing in before the ice melted...they did bring home some great tasting meals!!!

 The crazy picture above is New Years......the ladies played headbandz -- and since we didn't have the adult version the kiddie version was hard enough!  Alyssa had another birthday as we went to Philly and visited IKEA....She was able
to choose some birthday gifts to help organize her house.

 My honey had a face full of whiskers this winter, and Clayton is so proud that he is almost as tall as his dad!
Below you see a group of a birthday party....(Jamison, Clayton, Reuben, Ethan, Terri & others)

 Shalene got her drivers license -- Yay, she had a long wait due to the doctor waiting for her diabetic numbers to go down....we had a visit from Lyssa and went to the little Thai
restaurant.....we hadn't had PadThai in a loooooong time.....and we LOOOOOOOVE this place!!! It was sooooo good!!!!  Below is a pic of Lyssa stealing some of mine, before her plate arrived....she couldn't contain herself 

 I have enjoyed the past several months a group on facebook.....we have Secret Sisters and exchange scrapbook items.  However!!!! My SS found out that I had belonged to a foodie group and she
has blessed me with some great items!!!  I simply drool over Traders Joes but its so far away, so she sent me a stash of my favorites....BUT, she sent me ingredients and a reciepe for Massaman Curry...(she said this is a hint as to who she is but I am still so lost!!!)  anyway, I am beyond thrilled to try this out!!!  Something I really enjoy is trying out different ethnic foods -- so between scrapbook supplies and some Traders Joes & ethnic food.....Can't get any better!!!
 And finally a few pictures of our Easter Sunday.....Lyssa wasn't able to make it .....boohoo....but we enjoyed a great meal and then Clayton & Shalene took FOOOOOOREVER searching the house for plastic eggs filled with money.  Steve figured since they were older he had to really hide em good....Yep, he hide em good for sure.

So I am up to date for the year.....thanks for visiting the Stahl household!!! We are now in the process of getting the garden going....between the rain.  So canning season will be here soon!!  But I won't complain, I will take warm weather any day!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cruise 2014

 Had the privilege  of going on a cruise this past month with my honey & parents.
We visited Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Lebedee (Haiti).
Swam with the stingray, went snorkeling (which we had never done before) as well
as tubing down a river.
Lots of food, fun and laughs......and WARM toes!!!!
Oh how I had Pa winter and the cold toes!! UGH

2014 Porject Life Cover Page

First page for my Project Life....I kindda "scraplifted" this idea from someone and for the life
of me I can not remember who it was or I would link up and
give them credit.  Really enjoyed doing this...hand sewn with
gold thread.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gifts Galore

 Gifts & Wrappings.........This year the neighbors gifts are a little different, we
usually do something that I have baked or homemade jelly........

 Chalkboard is my theme this year....Below: we are creating our chalkboard
Christmas we have to season them and then we get to write on em!
I also decided that my December Daily Album would incorporate the chalk the front is painted
chalk....will try and post a picture later.