Friday, January 20, 2012

Girl's Getaway Cruise !!!!

So 11 of us went on the cruise!!!! Loved the weather.....the ocean....

the laziness!!!! Spent several days at the beach in

Florida. Spoild by a wonderful woman named Carla. She

even had this awesom bus (below) drive us around.

Above: Vicki, Renee, Carla, Wanda, Buffy,

Amanday, Allie, Bonnie, Alyssa,

Amy, Shalene and our Driver

On the ship!!!

Chonda Pierce was so funny....Lysa TerKeurst was one of the
speakers and Jaime Jamgochian one of the singers.....

We were at Cozumel, Mexico....while there Lyssa and some of the
others went zip linning and Shalene & I took a Mexican cooking
class!!! Oh so good.

Needless to say, we were spoiled and ate and ate and ate some

more. The evening dining was fabulous. We did

have a rocky day and got a little yucky feeling and oh the

last flight home was....well lets just say it was an expensive

rollar coaster ride. UGH!!

A view from our hotel balcony.