Thursday, June 26, 2008

Youth Camp

Well, as I've mentioned before the girls both went to youth camp a few weeks back. Here is a link to some photos that were taken from Pastor Booth while he was at the camp.

Random Pics

The garden boxes are doing well, although I don't seem to get any peas since the kids go out and eat em before they bring em in.

My tree rose is doing well!!

More Jelly!

Well today was black-raspberry jelly!!!

Takes only 5 c. of berries and 7 c. of sugar. I can't believe the amount of sugar it takes to do jelly!! Kindda like a little fruit with your sugar. Did 2 batches of jelly today and freezing some berries for cobbler during the winter. YUM -- well I think I'm set for jelly (might do some blueberry yet) (Posted by Amy)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Now if there is one thing I HATE in life it is grocery shopping. I HATE it. You know, go shop and try to remember everything and load it in the cart. Unload at register and reload. Load in van then unload at home, and then put it away. I HATE it. Well, my SIL and I went shopping in State College last Friday evening. We left at 6:00 and got home at 1:00. Now all we did is grocery shop, at one store. However, at this store they double your $1.00 coupons - no limit. So I spent $273.00 and saved with coupons around $385.00. That's a HUGE savings. We both saved around the same amount. We had stuff on the bottom of the cart, loaded high and hooked on the side. What a site. But hey, if we go every 6 weeks and make a savings like that its worth it. You should have seen us load Vic's van down. She had her back seat out and we had that baby FULL.

So yeah, it took a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, but it really was worth the savings. I didn't buy much at all without a coupon. Many things were free or 50-25 cents each.
I bought stuff that I may have never been able to afford. So when I was unpacking I pulled a box out and it was alreading opened!!! WHAT???? and this small voice behind me says, "I ate that too" -- Too, you mean there is more stuff already opened. Well, I won't say who it was...however, Clayton & Shalene were away with Steve that day!!

Caught in the act!!!!! Now you know who was digging in all my groceries.

(Posted by Amy)

Scrapbook Class - Acrylic Album

Here is the newest class that I did at the LSS. Last Saturday I taught this acrylic album. The quotes have to do with Laughter and its very versitle for many different types of pictures.
Added semi-circle chipboard pieces to this album to add a "twist" and more picture space.

Lots of rub ons used in this project. The page with the large gray ribbon - this unfolds into a long pull out for 10 additional photos.
(Posted by Amy)

Eye Update

Well, Steve had his eye appointment on Tuesday and it seemed to be a little encouraging. The one drops he had been taking seemed to have worked. He had to use drops that kept his eye dilated - this helped and he was told that he no longer had to take those drops that he would continue taking the second set of drops for another 3 weeks and hope that it took care of all the bad bacteria and all would be ok. If at that time it wasn't clear they would do some blood work and see what was causing the problem.
Well, today he started having blurred vision in the opposite eye that was being treated. So the doctor's office had him come in ASAP. He has the virus in that eye now!!! So he has to dilate that eye for a week. Now, the first eye is still dilated (takes a week to get back to normal) so he is really having a hard time focusing- since he now has 2 eyes dialated!!! The light really bothers him and he wears sunglasses most of the time. The doctor wasn't in this afternoon so Steve saw an assistant. But she mentioned that they may start some blood work earlier than the 3 weeks to see what virus/infection he may have that is causing all these problems. So we are asking for continued prayer. Thus far, Steve has only missed 2 days of work...However, with both eyes giving him problems I think its gonna be a bit too hard for him to keep up the pace. But most importantly - we ask that you pray that the Lord would give him a physical touch and if God sees fit a healing. Thanks for your prayers.
(posted by Amy)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Day, Another Room Painted

OK, Our downstairs bathroom has been lavender for a good long time. Didn't think to take pics before I took the border down and all the decorations.....However, it was a Victorian type look and the border was floral with some burgandy flowers. Well, not sure if you can tell the difference in the colors BUT.....

We now have a gold and black bathroom. The walls are painted a color called - Macadamia!! I still need to get the throw rugs and commod cover - gonna be black. And I need to get some decorations for the shelves but other than that I have changed the bathroom in one day!!!! Now I'm really tierd. The shelves are some that I've had around for a good while (bought from Penn View's auction) and the fancy towels I picked up at Boscov's on the clearance rack for around 4.00. The paint came from my parents, leftovers from there painting project (although I had to buy a pint extra) and the soap dispensers and all are from Walmart (they are a cream/gold antique look. Pictures aren't the best. Now the reason for telling you all this is that I've done this room completely over at a VERY reasonable price.
Next project: I hope the foyer -- aqua and brown.
(Posted by Amy)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, Clayton, Steve & I went to a "mini" circus tonight. Not many animals which was a disappointment to me....HOWEVER, we did have a fun time.

Wouldn't be a circus without the cotton candy.
This girl was amazing, she did the trapeze as well as this and really did a great job.
We also saw a HUGE snake (can't remember right off what kind but YUCK) we also watched some dog tricks.

Clayton with his "trick balloon" and cotton candy. Just a nice little family outing.
(Posted by Amy)

Eye Update

Well, we are back from the doctor's office (The eye center of Central Pa - Doctor Hartzell) and here is the verdit:
Steve has uveitis.....It is caused by a virus--mumps,shingles, chicken pox - they are never for sure which virus you may have had to cause the eye problem. It causes pain, redness, blurred vision and light sinsitivity. And can permanently affect sight or lead to blindness if not treated. Well, since it was left go too long (um, I think that means that I was right and he should have called the doctor sooner) it is now a bit more complicated and has caused the iris to do some funny things. He is at this point using two strong eye drops (one can cause death in a small dog or child if they drank it) and will go back to the doctor next Tues. They hope these drops will take care of the problem with his iris and lens of his eye and all will be well. HOWEVER, if the drops do not work he will have some blood work and tests done to see what is the next needed step. So we ask for continued prayer in this situation, that these drops will take care of the problem and no further tests needed.
(Posted by Amy)

Handmade Gifts

Here are the gifts that the kids made for Steve's fathers day gifts. We had fun making these!!!

OK, Along with this - the kids went shopping and had fun finding stuff for Steve!!! Clayton had a stomach virus that day so we had to wait till later that evening to open gifts.
So to all you fathers - Happy Late Father's Day!!!
(Posted by Amy)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Strawberry Dayz (Daze?)

Well -- When I think of summer one of the things I think of is strawberries. I had hoped that we would have gotten enough from our garden but ours did not do well at all. So today, before the season is over, I went and bought 10 quart from a roadside stand. And they were YUMMY!!! Clayton and I did 3 batches of jelly and will be making strawberry shortcake for supper.

1 c. butter
2 c. sugar
3 eggs
1 c. sour cream
1/2 t. vanilla
2 c. flour
1 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt

Grease cake pan and bake at 350 for approx 4o min, or until center is set.

I really love hearing the pop of a jar sealing. Always have!!! Its a feeling of accomplishment! That I did it right and the jars sealed, so this winter I can enjoy a taste of summer
Alyssa and Shalene are away for youth camp this they got out of helping with jelly. (Lucky Dogs!!!) Anyway, they didn't take the camera with them, since they will be doing a lot of volleyball and baseball, along with water games. I didn't think it would be wise to send my good camera. SO we are hoping that we can get pics from some of their friends. Hope they have a great time!!!

And for those of you who pray, I'm asking you to remember Steve in prayer. He has been having problems with his eye for the past month and a half. Started out with some blurring in the one eye and then he said it felt like he had something in his eye and sometimes filmy. Well the man didn't want to listen to his darling wife and make an appointment....he was busy and was wishing it would take care of itself. Needless to say, last evening he started having pain and a lot of redness and this morning he was in a lot of pain, not able to stand light or focus. So he goes to the eye doctor/specialist tomorrow to see what is the problem. Pray all goes well (he kindda passes out when he has his eye touched.) He had problems a couple year back and didn't do well with them doing all the tests that touched his eye. Think thats why he put it off with going to the doctor. So we may be in for an adventure tomorrow. Pray the doctor has wisdom and can solve the problem with God's help.

(Posted by Amy)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mustache Man

Friday we went shopping, and while at the Party outlet Clayton came across a set of 5 Spanish Mustache's. Here he is seeing what he will look like, if he ever would try to grow a mustache.
What do you think -- should he give it a try?
(posted by Amy)

Last Night of VBS

And the troops come marching in....last night of VBS and we are having our program. Pastor Plank is directing all of the kids and trying to keep everyone orgaized.
And our Assistant Pator , Jeff, has had a really busy week. Along with his wife Shari -- they were both really busy keeping this organized and moving. They did a great job! And the program............Almost didn't fit all those kids up front.
Shalene and Laura were some of the kids who sang specials.
Solomon directs visitors while Tim is watching on.
The last night of VBS--we have grilled hotdogs, chips, snacks and we recruit all the guys to help. Well, I guess we will say help.
Here are some of the kids lined up before going in for the program.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


OK, so many of you will not care about this post -- HOWEVER, I have some scrapbook buddies who will enjoy this....I joined a scrapbook kit club last month from Scarlet Lime, so for 3 months I get kits in the mail -- this is my second kit -- I've really enjoyed getting these packages...lots of neat, newer style papers and goodies. Things that we don't have here in the boonies.
(posted by Amy --- could you guess?)

A Good Laugh

Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it."
Ok, I visited a friends blog and she had this posted. Laura seems to always have some cute stuff on her blog,...I think it is GREAT and even though I tried to contain myself and not put this on the blog -- well I just could not help myself. Plus, I kindda thought my dad would enjoy this.
(Posted by Amy)