Friday, August 31, 2012


 School starts for the kids this coming Tuesday.  Though I enjoyed
the summer, I think I am ready for a schedule around here.  Just
always feel a bit more put together when I have a schedule.
Above photo:  this is something that has been happening a lot around here
lately.....Amanda comes over and they play uno or smores...or something else, you
just never know.  I just enjoy hearing everyone geeting along and having a good time.

 So we just really LOVE this thai food fromChantana's Thai..she sets up at the
Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg on Fridays or at the Farmers Market on Wed....
Her Pad Thai is MARVELOUS.....though we have not had this
as often this summer as we would have liked the kids enjoyed some
today.....I did hear a bit of groaning with satisfaction coming
from the back seat....

I have wanted to stop by this field for several years now to snap
a picture and never have done it!!!  FINALLY, I got that done today!!!
So VERY pretty, right outside of Mifflinburg you can find this gorgeous
view....thanks to Shalene for snapping the pics as we pulled to the side of the road!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun

Yes, It has been a very loooooong time since I have posted!!!
So here is a bit of our summer.....above photos.....
Lyssa is living in Harrisburg doing her nursing school....
she took us to a place called DK Dogs....the girls are
sharing a footlong with homemade bun, toppings....frenchfries,
chilli & cheese, coleslaw and banana peppers...they also had
an order of bacon cheese fries...

Sunday afternoon trip to the mountains.
I went to a scrapbook convention with two wonderful ladies....
notice Sue and her loving expression as she is looking
at me!!!

Our little Bella

We visited IKEA with my parents while
in South this store

Sue & Chris.....part of our scrapbook convention
week is planning on where we will eat!!!!

My treasures!!!
And my ultimate favorite icecream.....
Coldsdtone Creamery...
Founders Favorite (Caramel, chunks of
brownie, pecans .....oh yeah)