Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank You

Thank You!!! Thank you to all of those who defended and defend our country.
* Thank you to my Uncle Larry who fought and died in the Vietnam War....
*To my dad who was oversees in the Marines
*To our neice Allie, who is training right now to defend our country
*To our newphews Rodney (who was in Iraq) and Justin who are in the Army
And to the many others we know and dont know, who are defending our country!! Sacrificing the time with their family and loved ones and willing to serve for our freedom.

May God bless you!!

(Posted by Amy)

Memorial Day

Well, on Memorial Day our little "bleep in the woods" has a community we set up today.....but I made over $300 and my SIL made around $80, so I'd say that was pretty good for living in the boonies......Anyway, here is Landon, our little buddy that we babysat for last summer. We love to see the kids and they happened to come by today.

After the yardsale, and Steve working around the house, Steve took the kids fishing/boating and brought us home a good pile of fish. Now, I'll admit that I stayed home in a quiet house this evening.

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.

(Posted by Amy)

Scripture box Class

I got this from this blog - she had samples a while back. So in July or Aug I will be teaching the ladies at our scrapbook store how to do this. Thanks Sharon for the directions.

(Posted by Amy)


Heres a sample I did for the store - Thought this was really cute paper for a boy layout.

Scrapbook Layouts

For those of you scrapbookers -- Here are some samples I made for the store I work at. The store likes to have samples of layouts using some of their products. So this past couple of weeks I got busy.

This layout was fun There is a lot of glitter on the papers and then I used corkboard paper that had a sticky back (I believe it was from Karen Foster)


This birthday layout was a favorite. Again, the cupcakes were glittered (Which you can't see) then I used the dicuts to cut out the pink & black cupcakes that are by the photo block!! I really liked doing this layout.

More Scrapbook Layouts

This layout used some of our new I used one that the outer edge of one and made the pocket.

Another layout using a stencils on the "zig-zag"
(Posted by Amy)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good Luck Allie

Well, Allie is off on Tuesday for Basic Traing. She will be with the Army Reserves. We wish her the best.
Here is our nephew's Justin & Rodney. Guess it must be a family thing. We are really proud of these guys.
Steve's Gram Stauffer and his mother.
Here's Allie getting pictures so she has mug shots of all of us while she is gone.
(Posted by Amy)

Ice Cream

OK, this post should be after the one below but I wasn't thinking!!! So after we went to the mall we went downtown, State College, to ColdStone Creamery for ice cream. AWESOME!!!

I'm really not sure what had the reduced calories in this store. I didn't see anything.

Lots of ice cream, toppings and waffle bowls. I got the Founders Favorite (think thats what its called) vanilla creamy ice cream, brownie chuncks, pecans, carmel and chocolate. WOW
(Posted by Amy)

Sunday School Group

Pre-Teen Sunday School Class. Today Trish and I took the winning team to the Nittany Mall. Here is Ashley, Shalene, Laura & Stevie. We really had a fun time. We had some neat games for in the van and prizes to go with it.
Now the kids also got shopping money as part of the prize. However, to earn more money they had to go on a treasure hunt. Here they ALL are at the store asking them for a shopping bag. Just an empty bag. Not sure why they went to the same store at the same time but they gave the kids the bags. Had a great time.
Trish and I -- see Laura peeking in the back?

Eating at the pizza place.
(Posted by Amy)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playing around

Alyssa was playing around with the camera last night.....she didn't know I was gonna post these. HEE HEE

(Posted by Amy)

The Sport of the Summer

Well, from previous posts, you have seen that the kids have been playing ball. Today Steve came home from work with new bats, balls and a glove. So I guess we know what they will be doing this summer. (Check out the dandelions!! UGH)
Alyssa didn't know I was getting this picture. She was trying to squeeze her hand into a little tiny glove , of Claytons. Looks like she is really trying hard.
Shalene, Happy with her new stuff.
Steve figured he needed a glove to play with the kids.
(posted by Amy)

The Beauty of God

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My parent's (Amy's), who recently moved to SC have joined a flower club. The club took a tour bus to Florida this past week and here are a few pictures. (For those of you who know them & some of the girls friends know my dad as: "your funny papal"). My mom and dad are growing/selling lilies so they really enjoyed this trip & buying new flowers. And if you come visit me at my house you will see a lot of lilies that they have shared with me.

The background looks beautiful. Love you mom & dad!!!
Posted by Amy

Recipe Cards

I joined a couple of recipe swaps online (split coast stampers & two peas) and I think I have them all finished. The OreoTruffle (black & white card) has a "ghost" shape on it that you can't see. I believe I did 12 of these. The Peanut Butter Cheesecake I did 26 and the other 2 (Broccoli Pasta Salad & Stuffed French Toast) I believe I only had to do 7 of each. I'll mail these out and get a bunch of NEW recipes and they will already be decorated and ready to put in a cute box. Talk about getting my recipes organized. GIGGLE - If you could see my jumble in the cabinet.

Here is a Rhubarb pie (the red and black did 8, I think) an orange cream punch (8) and a Raspberry Cobbler (12) I'm really looking forward to getting my new ones back & trying out all the great recipes. This would also be a wonderful gift for someone. (OH, they are all for different swaps, they don't go to the same place)
Posted by Amy


Baseball in the yard. My son, along with his cousins Ryan & Weston and the neighbor boy Chase enjoying a game of ball. Shalene will occasionally play with them or one of the other cousins but this is what they have been doing the last few evenings..........Clayton seems to really have learned & improved a lot with all the practice he has been doing.
Don't you just love Claytons red band around his head? He always comes up with something.

Posted by Amy