Monday, September 29, 2008

Visiting Pappy & Grandma Stahl

We spent this past Sunday with Steve's parents and grandma...went to church with them and then enjoyed lots of good food along with a lot of visiting.

Here we are with Steve's grandma - Eva (Polly) Stauffer.
Mom & Dad with their youngest son!!!

Pig Roast

The young married class, from our church, had a pig roast this past Saturday. It rained but we still had fun. Games, trampoline, croquet, volleyball, lots of food and lots of laughs! Don't you just love Julia's facial expression in this pic!!

The little ones loved the trampoline -- they were jumping when the rain was pouring!! So they were a little wet!

Paintin' the Concrete

We have been working on the garage for a loooooooooooong time. We finally have the concrete poured and its in the process of getting painted and sealed!! We (well, I mean Steve) plans to build 2 rooms at the back portion of the garage -- one of which will be my scrapbook room!!! the other a mud/laundry room, so I am excited about that!! So, next are the 2 garage doors and then the garage is set and the building of the rooms will begin. Maybe I should start taking up donations for the garage doors! Giggle, just joking. please excuse the mess :) lol
We tried to get pics of them pouring the concrete but the batteries for the camera were not charged!!! UGH, getting too busy to remember all this stuff!

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Giggles

OK, hope no one takes offense to these pics, However, I must admit that I got a few laughs from em. (Amy)

Here we have the "Amazing Race"

Above pic is one that I really enjoyed, maybe I have a twisted sense of humor, whatever you call it -- I got a great laugh from this one.
Oh, and here is my other favorite -- the Hot dog.
(Ok, I confess, I drank all the milk!)


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to Vote!!

Okay - thanks to all of you who have given me ideas as to an online scrapbook name. NOW, I'm asking for help in voting. I've searched out a few of the names to see if they were taken (some that were suggested did not pass the test, as far as companies in Pa or already on line companies so please don't be bummed if yours isn't listed on the vote -- Carole all of yours had something come up online!!) -- I also have to remember to watch the search engine and all that great stuff (any other business in Pa that name and all) SOOOOOO, I have a few to vote on. On the side of the blog you will see a poll, I am asking you all to vote on your favorite name.

Remember, this is for an online business. I will be making scrapbook kits. This would be for mini albums and selling kits/directions. My colors will be pink & white.

For those who helped me out, if your suggested name wins on the voting poll you will have the choice of prizes that I listed earlier on. HOWEVER, please, remember that we have final say in what name I actually use...I just want opinions from everyone AND I have to register the name I've choosen with the Pa Courthouse- at times this can be a problem with being denied that name for one reason or just picking the name isn't the only thing I gotta wory about.

THANKS to all of you for your help......PLEASE VOTE!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I haven't posted much about this political thing however, here are a few pics that I really enjoyed. For those of you who are interested this site of Jon's is very interesting when it comes to the political issues. So for a few laughs you may want to create a password and check out his info.
So I'll say it now, Sorry if some of you are of a different mind when it comes to your political opinion on who you are cheering for...I don't mean this to be offensive. However, I think you can tell who I hope to see win!!! and we are entitled to our own opinion.

Don't Forget!!

Don't forget to post below and help me name my online scrapbook company. I'm kindda slow at this with all the canning I've been doing but I guess I gotta start somewhere and I think a name would be good!!

Peaches & Apples

Steve has been working at a beautiful "cabin" (well, to me its a home -- they have inground pool, tennis court and such along with a beautiful orchard) While working there he was told that we could pick some white peaches and for the past several days, we have gone to the "cabin" and picked. So far we have done white peach jelly, peach pie and canned peaches. Lots of applesauce tomorrow!! BUT, we had a blast taking some neat fall pictures in the process.

Right before loading up -- had to get a sample.

The girls were having fun with shadows towards the end of the work -- Alyssa has been doing a Photo Shop class so she has taken pics to "tweek"

I think we wore them out and this is "break time"
This is a blessing having all this fruit given to us. We love homemade applesauce (sugar & vanilla) store bought is NOTHING like homemade so we are thrilled to have this fruit given to its the work!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Oops..... Mom Wash
Stinky feet

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Autumn Mums

Autumn Season - its my FAVORITE!!! I so love the colors the only bad thing is that it means winter is very near. Well, I had determined that this year I WAS NOT buying mums since I don't have a lot of luck with em. I have a couple that have come back up from the past but not all of em. While at Wenger's today I saw these mums and temptation was great so I determined before I came up to em that I WAS NOT gonna buy em................well, I saw the price..........$3.00 each!!! Oh, well, I had to get em!!!

Alyssa is doing a photoshop class and wants to mess around with em and do stuff so I hope to post those pictures a little bit later!!

Name The Business Prizes

OK, for those of you who are helping name my business I have some prizes listed. I am really having a rough time with coming up with the name so I appreciate all of you who are helping. I really liked the October Afteroon (I know nothing about pink in it or time other than it makes me think of a lazy time in life) I love the autumn season so I've been thinking of using pink, october, autumn or such. Shari had a cute idea about the pink pickle - i like it but I'm afraid it will be too close to Rusty Pickle so I'm dragging my feet on that one. Anyway, here are the prizes I've gotten together.

Prize Package 1: Quick Quotes Cavas Kit - the kit in the front with the brown ribbon is just to show you what it will look like isn't the exact kit but close to it. Also in kit 1 is the items below: K & Co chipboard letters and a small alpahbet stamp set.
Kit #2
Creative Imagiations paper and sticker sets (I believe there are 2 sheets of 3 papers and 1 sticker sheet) And then the picture below goes with this set: Maya Road chipboard train album, an acrylic album (its in the back on the easel) and a choice of one of the stamp sets which I can send a better picture later -- sorry the pics aren't too good the lighting wasn't very good.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Above is a scrapbook kit that I had bought from The Button Farm
while at the CKH Convention...I finished it and love it.

Now for the HELP problem....
Steve and I have been praying about starting a new business....a scrapbook kit business online. (Kindda like what you see in the picture above, book and small project kits) We have done some research and such and are trying to come up with a name for the business. I need help, so if ALL of you who visit this site help me out and vote on one of the suggestions below or give me a new idea that would be great. I'll go till around Sept 2oth and then make another voting list of all of my favorites. And if your idea happens to be THE winner, I will gladly send you a prize package!!!

NOW, I have some ideas - HOWEVER, some of the names are already being used. For instance when I search online they are taken so before you suggest something keep in mind that it is an online business.

Here are some of my ideas (trust me this is just some of the ideas)

* October Afternoon - I really liked this but when typed into the search engine it is used in the
.com AND it is a scrapbook site maybe I could do October Afternoon
Scrap Kits or something along that line
*timelessmoments - again this is taken however I could use but that seems so long to type
this is one we really liked also - do you think its too long?
*A blink in time - not taken on .org and another favorite
*Captured Moments - taken on .org
*Moments in time -- taken on .org
*pink polka dots - again taken on .org

So you see my problem-- I've come up with cute names for a business but to do it online it is making things, please help. I like the idea of time, and how fast things go so we need to make the best of it and enjoy our family. My colors are gonna be pink & white so I thought of using pink in the title. I do have my slogan picked out and tons of ideas.

So, Vote or give me an idea. Make sure you leave your name so I know if you are the one to come up with something that really hits me. I will then pick a couple of my favorites (unless one of just really tickles me and I gotta have it) and have a final vote. IF you happen to be the one who came up with the winner I'll send you some goodies. NOW, I know you all aren't scrapbookers so if you happen to be one of "those" people I'll make up a different goodie bag, BUT for those of you who are scrappers I have some cute stuff: A kit from CKU Convention to put together by Quick Quotes , an acrylic album and some other goodies. SO start posting comments to this post. I will Appreciate it so very much. You can post as many ideas as you can come up with!!!

Wed. Sept 10th
Here are a few others that came to mind:
Sugar & Spice or Sugar and Spice (neither are taken!!! WOW)
Etched in Time
Pink Icing -- taken so I'd have to go with or something
Pink Pebbles - not taken

OK, tomorrow (Thursday) I will try to post pics of the prizes I have for those of you who help me out!! Oh and I had a question asked about what types of kits.....I'm basically sticking with album kits or small project kits and they wouldn't be a monthly thing -- I would do a sample and have directions and colored pictures in the kit, so basically you would copy the pages and have a finished project.....however, I am not limiting myself to just this, I may "grow" and do monthly kits as well. This does seem to be a big thing to do.
Any and all ideas will be very appreciated.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

hmmmm..... (Its Amy - I'm typing in orange -- this little guy is concentrating on his driving skills, he had to take this around a few times!!)

the tilt-a-whirl :) (the girls really liked this ride as well, I went with em the first time around then watched as they took a couple more rides!

Amy again - the bumper cars are one of my most favorite things to do....I get to laughing so hard my head hurts......Don't know why but I so love raming unsuspecting people.Funnel cakes --- Gotta have those!!!Clayton was frustrated that he couldn't drive the bumper cars so he went to the little guys section and gave it a try.....they didn't go as fast but he still enjoyed it!

lunch time

this is one of my favorite rides. i can say that name of it but i hav no idea how to spell it so umm yeah (Amy here, this ride was unreal.....we had ridden it before but I don't remember getting off of it feeling like I was dumped in the washer!!! WOW, you ride the "boat" and go up like a roller coaster - curve around and DROP!!!!! When you get to the bottom this HUGE monstrous wave encases your boat almost as if you are in a tunnel.....then, it feels like they have put ice cubes in the water because its a hot day and then this huge tunnel of ice water drops on you...takes your breath away. WOW....And when the kids stood up on the deck to watch the next boat take the plunge the one worker told them to hang onto the railing.......they said they could feel themselves being shoved by the pressure of the water. Alyssa decided that if she was wet she may as well do it again so she talked her dad into going again. Below if you look close you will notice that they are a little wet -- giggle, snort)
aftr you get off the ride you can stand on this bridge and wait for the next boat thing to come. you get more wet standing up there than u did on the and i went on the LOOPER lol we couldnt undrstand the guy that says what ur supposd to do, so we didnt do it right... wasnt too much fun. so we went on it latr and listened when the guy explained it to someone in front of us. i must say, rides are alot more fun if you actually do what its meant to do. (Me again - this ride reminded me of a hamster cage and the wheel that the hamster would run in.....two of you, Alyssa & I since no one else would go with her, were in the one wheel, and you totally would spin and spin and spin some more!!! )

clayton observing^^^ haha We had a couple invitations to go places but we had decided to go to Knobels soo.... but thanks to everyone that invited us to do stuff with them :)
Me again, a special thanks to those of you who invited us to enjoy the day with you, but after a family vote, we had decided that we wanted to do something with just us...And since we hadn't done anything like this through the summer we ended up here. We had a wonderful day and I must admit that I believe we wore the kids out -- it was a very quiet ride home!! Hope you all had a wonderful day.