Thursday, October 7, 2010

Renaissance Faire

For the past several years we have gone to the Renaissance Faire with the Cyber School. The smells and sights are wonderful....keetle cooked popcorn and HUGE turkey legs along with monsterous pickles are a few favorites. The girls and I love the masks and hats along with all of the scents.....herbal mixes and all. Waxed dipped roses and full skirts. Clayton loves the baby dragons and swords along with the jousting. Here is a picture (first ont) of the final event where the knights are fighting. Shalene was able to get a picture with
Queen Elizabeth...,.and the final picture is the crew that went along this time. It was a long but very fun day.


A few weeks ago Bella was this shaggy cockapoo with a mop top and beard...she went for a hair cut and this is what happened. Since its been getting cold out and we haven't turned on the heat yet we find that Bella we foun this preme sweater at the thrift shop for 75 cents....hey, it works.