Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Robin

My parents were in to visit from Thursday to Sunday. We gave them a cold and snowy welcome since they came in from South Carolina.
Alyssa celebrated her 17th birthday, which is hard to believe. And Clayton will be turning 10 on Tuesday. Wow, where does the time go. I have such a hard time thinking about how fast they have grown. But than on the flip side I think UGH, if they are that old, how old and I??
Well, we all went to Red Robin to celebrate. Alyssa still wants to go to Harrisburg to the Thrift Shop and dig in the 75 cent bins.......and Clayton, he is collecting his money to make a big purchase.
Had a nice time with my parents!!! Wish I could have went with them to the 50 degree sunny weather.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Temporary Home

A wonderful song by Carrie Underwood.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clayton's Valentines

Here is Claytons Valentines can get the pattern here. I know its late but you could always save the idea for next year.

New Pa Driver

Well, my Auto insurance is going up in price. Alyssa is now officially a Pa Driver!! You can't see because of the background but she is holding up her license.

Still Adjusting

Well we are still adjusting to things here. The girls have been having some problems with getting their medication at the right dosage, but we are soon to be there. Since we are still adjusting to that, it means that we get up in the middle of the night to check the girls and see how they are. They have had some lows where they start shaking, hands go numb and they start seeing black.....this can be a bit scary....and than they get highs where they will get really bad the nurse has been great with working with us and we hope to soon be on a regular schedule.
Some of you may realize that it is important for a diabetic to wear some form of id on themselves for emergency reasons. It can mean life or death for a diabetic if they would be in an accident, pass out from a low in their meds or any other emergency that someone would face. I guess it just means that for those of us who do not have diabeties, we are in danger during an emergency....well for a diabetic....its even worse
For those who are interested (especially if you who are diabetics or know someone who is you may want to read this article --MOM) Diabetic Bracelets should be worn read the article here.
So you all know that being a teenager is hard enough as it is....but than to be "different" , as the girls put it, makes things even harder. Many of the medic alert bracelts are very , not to be unkind, but bulky and ugly. So we set out on an adventure to find the girls something cute and not so "Bright and stand outish" Below is what we found on have ordered one that is a bit different but this is basically what they have. (small pearls, in the photo it looks a bit larger or bulky but in person it is the most adorable and petite) In the bottom photo is a picture of one of the more "generic" bracelets and that one is cuter than some!!!
Anyway, It was my mission as a mother that I could help my girls make the best of a bad situation. They already feel like they stand out, because anytime they go away and eat they have to figure out the carbs, determine how much insulin, go to the bathroom, take the shot and come back out to eat. By than everyone is half finished and their food is cold.....they have been getting a little depressed with this. So than to top it all of they have to wear a UGLY medical alert bracelt......therefore, if you see my girls wearing something cute -- its to help them in an emergency and with adjusting and trying to make it a little easier.
For those of you interested if you go to and search diabetic you will see some cute alternatives to the generic ids......they cost more, but it makes adjusting just a bit easier for a person.

I would like to thank all of you who have been understanding......who have been praying for us and showing concern. There have been many discouraging moments and lots of tears. But we are thanking God that things are not worse. That there is help and it is a livable situation. And God has been with us through each step of the way. I've been amazed at the wonderful help that Geisinger has given us through this. Many papers telling us what all to expect, one thing I was suprised to see is that diabeties really does affect the learning ability as well as the emotional all of this wonderful information has helped us in dealing with all of the changes and the workers that have spent time in teaching us!!! They have been wonderful. GOD is so GOOD and we know HE is there for us. Again, thanks to all of you who have asked about the girls and who are praying. We need all of God's help that we can get!!! so please continue to pray.

Here is another great link for diabetics and others on taking care of your phsical needs with the right foods and vitamins.


Update on Steve and his eye:

Steve is now on antibiotics to try and take care of what is causing all of his eye problems. It seems that he will constantly have to have shots in his eye to help him with the floaters and see. Therefore we are trying alternatives to try and take care of what is causing this and avoid the shots. The shots can cause problems later.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's is one of my very favorite days....make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby it's COLD outside

Peeking through his fort window

Clayton is making a snow fort....can't believe he took his gloves off...loonie

Monday, February 8, 2010

One Day at A Time

Well, we are still here.....learning to take things one day at a time.
Some days are more emotional than others, lots of things to adjust
to. And being a teen makes things a bit harder for the girls.
Alyssa and Shalene did attend the 2010 Youth Convention at the Beavertown
God's Missionary Church and had a wonderful time.
I on the other hand have been busy with lots of paper work and forms
to fill out for all that is involved with the hospital and such.
Please continue to pray for us.....that we can take things one day at a time -
and make the best of the situation.
God has truly been good to us.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a SWEET surprise

Laura and Shalene

Lizzie and Alyssa

The Calhoun family use to live here in Pa and the girls (Lizzie and Laura) went to school with Alyssa and Shalene. Many hours were spent together and at each others homes. This past year the Calhouns felt the Lord calling them to the girls kept in touch through letters and texting. Well today, the Calhoun family drove down our driveway and surprised the girls!!!!! They are visiting family in FL and coming back to Pa later this month but before they left for FL they stopped by to see the girls. (and brought them some beautiful flowers!) I must say that Alyssa and Shalene were so thrilled to see them - just added a bit of sunshine to their day.


Lyssa would probably have a fit but I wanted to share this photo with you all....Can you tell that we are getting ready to leave the hospital...she was a bit happy!!!! The other photo is Alyssa with the nurse she had for most of her stay. She was so sweet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, we are told that Lyssa will get to go home this afternoon. Her diabetes was not as advanced as Shalenes. I guess Shalene having ketones was very bad (we were told 10% die and 20% have mental problems when there ketones get too high) Thankfully Lyssa did not have those and we caught Shalene just in time. As for Type 1 diabetes - out of all those who have diabeties 90% are Type you tell in the world did I get two kids, within one week, diagnosed with the same thing?

We will stop by and pick up Lyssas stack of meds and such -- and hopefully life will adjust fast and we will get back to NORMAL???

Please continue to pray for us. We want to thank those who have sent flowers and called to check on the girls. But most importantly we want to thank those who have prayed.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Can't Believe It

Okay, so Alyssa DOES NOT want me to say this, however, I am asking for more prayers for our family. If you can believe it (which I can NOT) I am now at the hospital with Alyssa -- Yep, you guessed it - same problem as Shalene!!!!! Type 1 is NOT hereditary, so they say, so they are baffled that both of my girls have the same thing within the same month. UGH!!!

Please pray for us!!!