Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shari's Baby Shower

Mom decorated for Shari Stratton's baby shower. In the baby's room, Shari has the colors- brown and aqua. So mom found this idea for diaper cakes- its a cake made out of wrapped up diapers. A cake for the food for the gift on a stand-thingy-ma-jig for decoration. And then a little one on each table.
This is where Shari was supposed to sit, but they hadn't brought the rocking chair yet. O, yeah, we couldn't go to the shower, so these pics were taken right after we finished decorating. And for pics of little Grant Logan, visit Shari's blog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

hey everybody! someone just left a comment tellin me that i need to update more often- see life has been pretty boring so... but mom just decorated for shari strattons baby shower, so we'll be puttin pics of that up. srry for the typing, i dont feel like fixing it rite now so bear with it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Pigs (again)

OK, so remember the pigs I told you about? Well, first I gotta tell you this- those pigs weren't normal pigs, they were wild boars. Which may help explain why they didn't sound like normal pigs. Anyway, the second thing that I want to tell you is that... on Saturday, my cousin came down and shot them, every one of them!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy. lol

Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter must have - peeps. The kids love em. Alyssa likes to set hers out and let them get hard before she eats em. Well, Steve gave a peep a try. He decided they weren't his favorite.
OK - so this pic is a funny face!!!! We hid plastic eggs with money in em...they had certain color eggs for each one - so they could only pick up the egg that was there color. Here is Shalene with her egg bucket and beautiful facial expression.
Alyssa is getting frustrated!!! She can't find her eggs and Bree (our cocker spaniel) decided to wrap her leash around her feet (which you can't see!) We NEVER seem to have GREEN grass and flowers when we egg hunt.
Clayton hunting for his eggs.....he can't seem to find that egg that is right above his head. He walked away from this till his sisters mentioned that he missed something.
A man's best friend. Steve and Sable are buddies!!!
(Posted by Amy - I'm sure the girls will complain about the pictures!! Giggle!!)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs

I did 2 eggs, then gave up.
They tried something new, not the normal dip-the-egg-in-the-cup coloring technique. And as you can see- it turned REALLY messy (and this pic is right when they started) The final result. I think I'd rather stick to the dipping the egg way of doing it.

The Easter Bunny Should Have Skipped This House

Friday, March 21, 2008

A friend sent me this as a forward and mom has been bugging me to put something up again. I thought this was pretty funny. Thanks John.

We live in PA. lol. I guess you already knew that, but a couple of summers we had this problem with a black bear. It would come up into our backyards and even ate some of the peaches off of one of my uncles trees. So we had this huge trap thing on our driveway for a while. But I dont think the guys had this much trouble letting the bear loose. (p.s. i nevr spell stuff rite- except on here but i still mess up somtimes and spell words like i would in an email or txt, so pleas forgive me if i dont spell somthing rite :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Puzzle Album

This is the next class I teach at the LSS. Its a puzzle album....I used "chipboard" for my puzzle pieces - cut the pieces out of the chipboard and then covered with patterned paper (Tres Jolee paper in aquas, greens and pinks)
This required TONS of cutting with the exacto knife. But I really like how it turned out. Punched a hole in each piece and put a ring at the top to hold the album together. Then tied ribbon on the ring.
The spots are not real big for pictures...however, I used some accordian style pages to allow for multiple pictures on one page. I have each piece covered on both sides with patterned paper and places to journal or put pictures.
Used a lot of ribbons (cream & brown) in this album. Along with small saftey pins, metal emb. ,and lots of inking. (posted by Amy)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More New York City Pictures

Mom was complainin that I didn't have enough pix, so here are some more.
The Barbie Dream House in Toys R Us store. This was Kalems favorite part. lol. jk
Shalene & I in the toy store with our hats we bought in China Town. (Don't you love mine?!? My hair was a wreck but I so wouldn't have worn it if Brad hadn't convinced me it look OK)
There is an outdoor ice rink with a huge fountain thing made out of lights behind it.
A Cathedral we visited. I think it was Patrick's Cathedral, or somthin like that.
Me, Shalene, Courtney (cousin), Kayla (cousin) & Kalem.
We didn't get to go to the Statue of Liberty, but we got to ride a ferry past it. This is a view of the city from the ferry.
City life. ICKY, ICKY! I think I could live here for about... 3 days.

NYC Trip

These pics are a little out of order. For example, lol, I put the pics of us traveling home up last, which means they show up first on the blog, so sorry :)
OK, to you this may look like a picture that we took with the lights on- WRONG!!! It was sorta like a flash war, it was almost pitch black in that coach on the way home, and some of the guys got this BRIGHT idea. So they turned on the flash on their cameras and started takin pictures. I had to join in. We had no idea what we were takin a picture of, we were just tryin to blind the other person.Sorry, Jared, I couldn't resist putting this picture up.
After 15-16 hours, this is what we looked like on the way home. lol. I don't think Benji ever did finish that sub.
These are the only pics that I took in chinatown.
In case you cant read this- they were selling WILD BAMBOO FUNGUS!!! For $55 dollars a pound!!!
Dried sharks fin. UCK!!! And why would you want to spend $300 on a pound of it?!??? And that stuff isn't real light!
A different type of shark fin. If you look closely enough, you can still see the little bone thingys that are in the fin.
Yum-Yum! Dried fish stomach.
ALEX!!! He was playing his video games while walking down the streets!
This is Asa Kieser (hope I spelled ur name right :). He was our "tour guide" and he did a great job.
This is what Ground Zero looks like now. There is still some rubble from 9/11.
Shalene and me, with Ground Zero in the background.
This is the tavern where... someone important said goodbye to his troops. Sorry, I can NOT remember who it was. lol. Was it Washington?
I think you know what this is, but just in case- This is the Statue of Liberty.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Day in the Stahl Household

This is part of cyber school. Shalene sometimes has problems with her computer working in her room - so in order to get all the homework in on time she just drags the computer around till she gets good NO EXCUSE!!!! Thats one thing with cyber school, you can't say you missed the assignment or forgot to write it down. You always have a page with all assignments listed!!! Here is Bree--she is enjoying the beautiful day that we had!!! She sometimes has this lopsided grin when she is just sitting looking around....I tried to get that lopsided look but missed it.
(In this picture she is sitting in one of my strawberry boxes - like its her throne!) Sable was out on the deck sniffing the air - she could smell supper and was begging a bit. Can't say that we shared. (Sorry about this pic - color didn't turn out too good!)
This was my latest project. My sister-in-law bought me this stand and its taken me awhile to get something for on it. So I found these flowers at the Flower Factory Outlet - had them for a month and a half or so. I finally found just the right basket at the Street of Shops this week. Only the basket was a pale blue!!! So I went shopping for a can of spray paint and turned the basket white. I love these flowers and they look so nice in my kitchen...I was happy with the way it turned out.

Okay - I realize that it isn't a professional job!!! But I do like the way it turned out.
Posted by Amy