Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here is my little genius doing his homework!!! Clayton had a pair of very dark sunglasses on and decide to punch out the middles. Note the books he is working on: Civics, Spanish & Street Law/Criminal Law. (Posted by Amy)

Birthday Gifts

Alyssa loves getting her picture taken. Above you will see one of her mall purchases!!! A new shirt!! Surprise -- more clothes!!
Shalene & Clayton made Alyssa wooden letters to put on her wall. They painted, glittered & blinged these. They turned out really cute.

(Posted by Amy)

Monday, February 25, 2008

How many of me?

Check out this site!!! You type in your name and find out how many people in the US have the same name as you. Kindda scary!!! More than one me????? Enjoy!

(posted by Amy)

Feb. 26th -- Happy Birthday Alyssa">" border="0" alt="" />
Okay - so Alyssa is not happy that I have posted this......she will live. Thats what moms are for !!!! Right???? I mean I could say some embarrasing things right now -- like when she was a little munchkin she wanted to work in "waste management" or should I say a trash collector - she thought it would be neat hanging on the back of the truck!!!! Now remember she was a litte "peanut" (well grade K or 1 ) when she thought this job was for her. She has changed her mind a couple of time since then.
(Posted by Amy)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Shopping

Alyssa is having a birthday this Tuesday!!! She will be 15. Well instead of us doing the shopping for her she decided that she wanted to do the shopping. Here is Alyssa shopping at AC Moore - she loves to do crafy projects and so we shopped. However, I love going here too so I didn't complain. I got some scrapbook stuff.

Well, Needless to say -- I spent a lot of time standing outside the dressing room door!!! And running for different sized stuff. I do this ALL the time. I had some other pictures of the dressing room but Alyssa wouldn't download them for me and I didn't realize that until I started posting.
Alyssa's choice of eating - Olive Garden. Steve tried the fried squid--sorry but that just isn't for me.
And one of the FAVORITE stores............note I said ONE. We had to check out Maurice's, American Eagle and Old Navy.
We had a good time today. But Steve, Shalene & Clayton ended up going out to the van while Alyssa and I finished shopping. They really went by the quote "shop till you drop"

(Posted by Amy)

Concert at SU

The first chair violinst -- This is Margeaux, she is the girls violin teacher. Really a sweet person and Shalene & Alyssa have learned a lot this year taking lessons from her.
We braved the bad weather Friday night and went to the SU concert. (Alyssa didn't seem to appreciate the Betthoven music!!!! Grumbled a bit until she got back in the van to listen to her mp3 player!!!) Anyway, WE enjoyed the concert -- tons of stringed insturments!! The guy sitting behind Margeaux was hilarious. (entertained all of us throughout the concert) He was very expressive in his playing.
(Posted by Amy)

This was in between pieces when they were tuning and practicing.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Believe Album

I made another Bo BUNNY album in blues, orange and greens. This doesn't have pictures in it yet but I plan to put pictures of Clayton and Steve. It says I BELIEVE in you!!!!
The patterened star has pop dots on it so its raised. (Actually all 3 of those stars are layed and pop dots used!!) Plan to put a pic or journal on the blue star.
This folds out (pull the ribbon tab) and you can put 5 pictures on this.
Little tabs that pull out to journal on. Note: this doesn't show all the pages just gives you an idea as to what it looks like.
The blue strip will have journaling. Note -- the 3 acrylic stars. Have you figured out that I'm am enjoying using "bling" at the moment. I really enjoyed doing this album. The colors were really fun -- digging through pictures now to fill the album up with my two men!!!!
(Posted by Amy)

Love Album

Here is the album I did for our Valentine photos -- Just showing you one picture on this. Used the BO BUNNY album. (posted by Amy)

I couldn't get a good clip, everybody kept standin in front of me. So this is the best I got. The guy at the end of the clip in the blue pants, his name in Travis and every time he tried to get on his donkey, it bucked him off. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Donkey B-ball

Tonight we went to the donkey basketball game, I don't think that it was as fun as last year's but there were parts of it that were pretty funny.

(if u didnt already know this, I HATE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!, but mom made me put this on)

Monday, February 18, 2008


I hope none of the group end up looking like this!!! I'd post pictures of the ski trip...however, Alyssa figured she'd be too busy trying to stay on her feet and wouldn't be able to take pictures at the same time (giggle - really I figured the camera would get wet and ruined!!) So we can all only imagine the laughs they had with this group - since a big portion of them have NEVER been skiing before!! (posted by Amy)


Alyssa and a group (Doug, Lizzie, Phoebe, Sofia, Megan, John, Matt, Alicia, Jake, Tim, Nathan and a few others) have all gone skiing today!!! Anyway, I just picture them a little tired when they get home. (they left at 7:30 a.m.) Think any of em will look like this?
(Posted by Amy)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Wish

Valentine Strawberries

Okay, what would Valentines be without CHOCOLATE? and add the strawberries.....Out of this world. So today we did up some strawberries to enjoy with our Valentine's meal. Am I making you hungry?
Anyway, I love to make a big deal out of Valentines...if you don't know already, I love PINK and I love CHOCOLATE!!! So I always enjoy shopping for Valentines gifts -- hearts, pink & red stuff. I so love may beat Christmas. Back to the point...I love doing a special meal for my family and then we open gifts. The strawberries were part of the meal tonight...if you hurry on over we have a few left!! (posted by Amy)

Valentine flowers

Steve got the girls and I each a bunch of flowers for Valentines -- Clayton got a BIG candy bar. We all love flowers so this was a treat!!! (posted by Amy)

Valentine quotes

Here is a heart box and book that I made for Steve this Valentines. For 8 days before Valentines Steve would get a heart. They have love quotes on both sides. Now he can put them in the album and then stick them in the hear box. (posted by Amy)

Valentine Gifts

After our meal the kids enjoyed opening their gifts. Of coarse there was chocolate but they also got some other goodies. (posted by Amy)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Funny Pictures :

We haven't really been voicing our "political" opinion, we are watching all the reports and trying to keep up to date on the situation.
I hope this post / pictures don't offend anyone. We are all allowed our opinion ! However, No question asked we are not voting for this candidate. But I will admit that I did get a kick out of these photos............I wouldn't want her holding my kid!!!! Oh, and I'm not for Obama either--however, the picture was "cute" In all honesty: these two choices scare me!!! My choice right now is to simply pray that our nation will make the right decision. That they choose what is Godly and put family and life first. I realize that God has this all in his hands and prayer is the best thing to do. (Amy)


OK -- This position has got to hurt. (Amy speaking here) How many of you can do this?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Our backyard looks great with all the snow on the trees.
Ok, I'm done lookin at how pretty it is, now I want all of that snow to go away :) lol

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


On Sunday afternoon dad and mom went to see Cayden. I thought this pic of Mary kissin him was cute.
We luv ya, Renae! :)

Practicing for sunday night.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Youth Convention Afterglow

Dwight was bein Mr. Grumpy, but we got him smilin.
Don't we all love volleyball. :(
The kids had a seperate room that they played in. Thanks to whoever did that. lol