Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

It's been a real long time since the kids carved pumpkins.

Lyssa found a pumpkin that she wanted to "copy" when she was looking

on she attempted it. Clayton got in on the action as well.

Look of concentration!

Claytons creation

Lyssa's creation - sorry the p ic is blurred but you can see how the vine

and flowers cute

Spangler Reunion

We had the Spangler Reunion last weekend. Grandma is turning 95 this month

and she has been hoping that we would all be able to attend.

Below is my Uncle Don telling the kids a story. We had hiked up to the

mountaing to see the view of Lancaster and while up ther he decided to

tell the kids a story.

Mom standing on top of the mountain....what a hike that


Grandma Spangler and I.......she has been such

a light to me.....God has given her a wonderul life.

We were celebrating Dad's birthday -- late -- since I hadn't gotten to see him....

Grandma decided to get in on the party!

Summer Update

Yes, we are still here....our summer has been full of many things. And wonderful memories.

One bittersweet moment was that Alyssa has ventured off on her own for awhile. She has

a small little cottage in Harrisburg. Now working with Dementia patients while attending school

for nursing. Her little cottage is about thesize of those at Penn View. Perfect for just one person and shehas settled in well.

Shalene and Steve ventured off on the church missions trip this year, and in short...our summer has simply been packed with lots. Here are a few things we filled our summer with.

(OK Renea D. I hope this post makes you happy!)

I have canned several types of pickles, beans, dilly beans, sauce, pears, hot pepper mustard dip,

peach salsa, pear pinapple jelly, grape jelly, grape butter, grape juice, Pear

carmel sauce and more. We are now drying apples and gonna make applesauce.

This has taken up a lot of our time but it sure tastes wonderful.

We attended the corn festival this summer....I think we ate more than

we did anything else.

Thai food has been top on our list as well. There is a little concession stand who
sets up at the park in Lewisburg one day a week.....she makes the best!!!

Bella had to get a hair cut...she was cold on the way home so she hid

behind Clayton to stay warm. Afterall....I must have my air condition on.

Steve and I celebrated our anniversary but going up to a cabin in the

mountains. Steve ended up doing some fishing and we were able

to see I just enjoyed the "quiet"

And of coarse, I HAD to go to scrapbook convention this year

with Sue and Chris. So here they are working

on some projects in the hotel room. We stayed up late

trying to get some things accomplished AFTER we shopped and attended

classes all day. Of coarse, we had to go to the Cheesecake Factory and other wonderful

places for food while we were there.