Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom's *new* Purse (album lol)

Um, well not much to say, this is the front of the album. hahaThe flowers are tags that you can pull out of the pocket.
uhhhhh, another page :)
Ya gotta luv the 3-D flowers (they look better in real life:)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Family Snapshots

Local Trivia

Local Trivia - This is a snapshot of a location in our local area? Can anyone tell us where it is?

Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, I absolutely HATE his overalls. He has this pair that he digs out of the closet every now and then. And I dont know why, but he always wears the yellow shirt with them, and untied boots. lol.
Clayton wouldnt move, and dad wanted to sit on the swing, so... poor buddy.

Scrapbook Layout

This layout was taught at the Scrapbook store I work at!! (I didn't teach this class but I copied the layout) Anyway - Look at the flower, you open the flower to reavel a spot for a picture a well, really cute!!

(Posted by Amy)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Shalene took this picture of the cherry tree.....I know some of you lucky people have been enjoying flowers for awhile now but we are close to the mountain and it seems to take us a bit longer.
So, since the weather has been so nice, Clayton pretty much lives outside. Here he is walking up to the deck and as soon as he get close Sable will get right up to you to get some neck rubs. Crazy dog, she so loves people.
(Posted by Amy)


Here is an updated picture of Cayden - Doug & Sarah's little guy. He is so cute. Sarah and Cayden came into the scrapbook store Monday so Sarah could work on a gift. Had to take a picture of the little guy...he is growing so fast.
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey! So I know that we haven't posted anything in a while but I have some new pics to put up. haha. But I've got homework right now, so I cant do it right away.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Am I in Trouble?

I found this picture in Alyssa's files and I was so tempted....and I fell for temptation!!!

OK, you think I'll be looking scared once Alyssa sees all these pictures I've posted of her? She really hates pics taken and then to post her working and all!!! Post your vote: am I scared or not?
(Posted by Amy)

Steves New Toy

Or so he thought!! Steve thought he bought this wagon for his tractor BUT.........the kids appear to have claimed it!!! Not really, Alyssa is headed to get some dirt for her garden. I think Clayton and Shalene will only ride around for so long and then they will be fighting to drive the cart as well.
(Posted by Amy)

Garden Box Building

We use to have a HUGE garden and can hundreds of jars of produce each year. BUT, for the past 3 or so years we haven't done a garden at all. Well, Alyssa has decided that we should have a garden.....so Steve and her are building garden boxes.....now we have boxes for our strawberries and rhubarb (see in the back of the picture) but we have never done boxes for the rest of the stuff.

Steve decided that he would teach Alyssa how to use the drill. So he has her working at that. (She is gonna string me when she sees this post!!!)

Do you think Steve can fit anything else in his truck?
(Posted by Amy)

???? Sun Bathing ????

Bree decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and sunshine. So she found a nice sunny warm spot. Such a cutie!!
(Posted by Amy)

Enjoying Spring!

When Clayton was born he received this tree as a gift from Papal and Gramma Spangler. So each year in spring we take a picture of Clayton with his tree........the tree is still winning!!! (taller and all) Take note of Claytons mud boots!! He loves these things.

Anyone know what kinda tree this is? We think when it was bought the tag was mixed up and its not what we thought it was.
(Posted by Amy)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bridal Shower

Today was my cousin Courtney's bridal shower (hope I spelled your name right:). This is Courtney with one of her presents (I think it was part of our gift, hmmm, not sure) and her aunt Marsha.

Aunt Vic made ALOT of food, I guess a bunch of people helped with this though.

My cuz, Jess and her son Cayden (not sure if its spelled with a "C" or a "K") and another cousin- Amanda.
Courtney with her bridesmaids. The one in the blue is Courtney's sis, Kayla, then the ones in the pink and the orange are Jonathan' sisters, but I cant remember their names. Oops! O, did I forget to mention that Jonathan is the one that Courtney is marrying??? lol. And the girl in the green and white is a friend of Courtney's, who's name I also forget. Sorry girls :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Life Expectancy Test

OK - I got this off of a fellow bloggers site and had fun trying it out. SO I thought I'd pass it on to you.

Try the test here

My virtual age was 20.4
Life Expectancy 91.6

Virtual -- She was a negative
Life Expectancy 89.9
(Alyssa wants all to know that its because she isn't happily married and she takes risks....I recieved a longer life due to being happily married!!!! and since I'm safer and only take risk with preperation I will survive longer!!!)

On the same page you can then find how many days you have lived....Amy =13689 and Alyssa 5,523.

Post your results for us to see!!!
(Posted by Amy)

Room is Almost Clean

Well, Alyssa is almost out of time for a clean room. However it is under construction - bit by bit, day by day. So she MIGHT make it...(You know, I may not have to post the demolition site on the blog!!!)

(Posted by Amy)


Clayton & Shalene were having a fun day. Clayton decided he would be Grandpa.......take note of the blanket around his shoulders, the uncombed hair & glasses. So Shalene was the one who served the toast and drink.

(Posted by Amy)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!!!

And the winner is... LIZZIE!!! So, if you want to tell us what you want- um, we'll get it to you :) lol

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Shalene got some sunflower seeds in the mail so Clayton & Shalene decided to plant them today. Enjoying the beautiful weather!!!
I really love their hats!!!

Bree was outside watching Clayton & Shalene garden. Don't you love her lopsided grin?
(Posted by Amy)


OKAY - I am drawing for the blogcandy on Thursday...so for those of you who want a chance see the past post!!!


Sunday Afternoon - Stephanie and Phoebe came over to our house while Clayton went to visit their brother Reuben. So we had 4 girls for the afternoon while Clayton & Reuben went for a hike to the pond and had a blast in the woods. Here the girls are eating fresh pineapple.
Shalene & Stephanie decided to eat outside - still a little chilly out but hey, we have hope. We do have some flowers popping up so that is exciting.
Alyssa & Phoebe--they basically hiked for most of the day. So long that Steve started to wonder about them and went off to find em.
Taking a break - Actually they were sitting here with there shoes off saying they were letting there feet "air out" after the hike. BUT, they wouldn't let me take that picture!!

Just an update -- I have some pictures of a bedroom that is VERY MESSY!!! So if the girl (Alyssa) doesn't get her room cleaned by Friday I am gonna post these pictures!!! It will show you what a wonderful housekeeper she is (GIGGLE - Typical teen I'm sure - however, I'm hoping to get the room cleaned out of this!!!)

*Posted by Amy

Recipe Card

Here is a card I made for a recipe swap!!!
Each lady made 15 of the same card and then we ended up with 15 new recipes on beutiful cards. I haven't received mine back but I thought I'd give a sneak peak at the one I did.
Mine is a Mexican recipe so I paper pieced the cactus and all.
(posted by Amy)

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I didn't think that mom put enough pics up. So I am. lol. She erased the one that I got of Kevin (that probably doesn't mean anything to most of you but theres a couple of people out there that understand), so i couldn't put that one up (obviously, lol). Anyway, Kevin was the bible bearer person.
Jenn and Andrew
This is Andrew escorting Jenn's mother, Sherri. Doesn't it look like their running to the front of the church??? I guess their just ready to get the wedding ceremony over with :)
And the next picture is my personal favorite :) While we were waitin outside for the bride and groom, mom was snappin pictures. She was bein mean and teasin me with this pic, so i decided to put it up. (pray for me, she's gonna kill me, and if she doesn't- dad will)