Tuesday, July 29, 2008

17th Anniversary

July 27th was our 17th anniversary!! We had decided awhile back that we would not get gifts for each other but instead use the money to work on finishing our garage. However, Steve decided to suprise me. He said he finally remembered in advance to buy something instead of remembering the day of........well, I guess that may be a guy thing. And yes, he did suprise me!! He got the stuff while I was away on the Florida Missions trip.....went in to the Gingerbread House in Lewisburg......Even had it wrapped really pretty.....Clayton claims that he helped with the shopping too. Anyway, as many of you know I collect teapots/teacups/sets and so Steve found me a cute white one person/two cup tea pot along with some really neat tea.
The teapot has a small hole in the top where the cute pyramid teabags with a leaf top can stick out.

Tea forte' tea -- 20 silken infusers --These are dessert teas, a decadent collection of chocolate, fruit, and sweet spice teas. See the little leaves on the pyramid....that is the top of the tea that sticks out of the top of my teapot -- really cute. I already tried the coco truffle tea--a smooth choclaty delight--YUM. Other flavors are Belgian mint, respberry Nectar, orchid Vanilla and Vienna cinnamon. Looking forward to trying all of these out.
(Posted by Amy)

Paper Power Scrapbook Class

This is the next scrapbook class that I will be teaching at the LSS -- it is called paper power. All done using PAPER (giggle, that was really hard to figure!) anyway it has a lot of 3D and hand cut scrolls. Along with maybe 2-4 brads that is it....lots of pop dots to add the 3D look.
All the circles are 3D and some of the scrolls hand cut and popdots to lift them.

All paper is by K & Co. I really love this set of paper. It is so pretty.

Sorry for the blurred look to these pics -- not sure what the problem is. Hope you can see the 3D effect in the close ups!!
The scrapbook store I work for will be closing at the end of September. They had hoped to find a buyer for the store but nothing has worked out. One of the owners wants to spend time at home with her two daughters (they are around the age of my girls) and so they chose to close or sell the store. They informed the scrappers that the store would be for sell but all prospects of buying fell through. Therefore we will be starting the process of closing the doors. This is the next to the last class I will be teaching at this store.......Kindda depressing!! But I understand wanting to spend time with your family. I may get a job at a different scrapbook store......hope it works out because I love this job and teaching classes, coming up with ideas is so fun......I could never ask for better ladies to work for. Terri & Tammy are great!
(posted by Amy)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Been Busy

Been busy storing up the yummy flavors of summer.....so in the winter when the snow is flying I can enjoy the taste. Below: salty dill pickles.
Dill beans -- never tried these before but Mrs. Slavens gave us a sample of hers and they were wonderful.....so we are giving it a try.
Dried blueberries!!! YUM -- when I go to the shelf to get these in the winter I usually find that someone has been eating them!!

Kayla's Graduation Party


Friday, July 25, 2008



so the objective is... teams of 3 or 4 will have 60 seconds to catch a pig running around a mud pit. once the pig is caught the team must place the pig on his 'throne' (barrel) and 'crown' him(place a very dirty hat on him).
the 'throne' lol
an all girl team


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dad's B-day

ok, so my dads birthday was on saturday and i keep forgetting to put up a post about it. sooo... happy birthday dad!!! lol sorry its late. i guess i wont put up how old u r

Saturday, July 19, 2008


i think the best part is when they fall off. unless its happening to me then its absolutely horrible.


hahahahahahahaha i look like a drowning rat!!! lol thats embarrassing
doug :)
dad drove the boat while doug was on the tube
shalene and doug

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blueberry Festival

So i have lived in mifflinburg for what... almost 12 years and i had never heard about the blueberry festival. but hey! we have a blueberry festival! its not too big but its got lots of blueberries. blueberry birch beer, blueberry barbeque, blueberry whoopie pies, blueberry cheescake icecream, blueberries (of course!) and even blueberry soap^^^ o and they play bluegrass music in the gazebo
Aunt Vic gettin blueberries :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to Pastor & Mrs. Maloyed

Today a few of the church family gathered at the parsonage in Beavertown for a day of cleaning and making repairs on the parsonage. Our asst. pastor will be moving into his own home and our new youth pastor will be staying here. So all curtains were cleaned, windows & blinds washed and basically a spring scrub down. Along with painting, plumbing and some small repairs. Above pic is of some of the kids who wrote on the windows to welcome the Maloyeds (hope I'm spelling the last name correct). They arrived around 6:30 or so this evening - we weren't all out of the house yet but things were smelling new!!
Megan, Marie & Valerie getting the curtains back in place. Alyssa & Phoebe were working on windows in another room. There were other ladies working earlier in the day but we didn't get pictures of all of those who helped out. Doug helped out with curtains as well -- I tried to get a pic of him looking a bit flustered with getting the curtain on the rod correctly but the pic didn't turn out very well!!
Steve did a lot of the repairs - painting, plumbing and will be putting some flooring down tomorrow. Dave helped with some of the lighting and Todd and Doug did some odds and ends as well. Matt & Christina Maloyed - welcome to the church family!!!

????Camping Out????

Last night Clayton & Shalene decided that they wanted to camp out......on the porch. They talked Alyssa into joining them and so beds were made. Now I'm not a person who enjoys camping (I think I camped too many times when younger-or maybe its the 9 months I stayed in an itty bitty camper while building our house--whatever the reason it isn't my thing) and then to top it all off on a hard cement porch floor!!! UGH
Note: Alyssa's stipulation--if she camped out she got the swing!! Can't say I blame her.

Well Shalene didn't end up staying out the entire night-----she came in and slept on the sofa. They used a bottle of off spray so I don't think there is too many bug bites to show for the camping out. It was a great night to be out though-the moon was full and bright and really pretty.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eye Update!

Just an update on Steves eye.

He went to the doctor yesterday and things are looking better. All of the tests have come back good, no problems. And his eyes are looking better, the blurring is clearing up and the sun doesn't seem to bother him as much. He is to continue with the eye drops for another month and will then go back to visit the doctor and see if all is well. Continue to pray for Steve that it will clear up completly. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for Steve, it could have been very serious but it seems that God is clearing it all up.

Random Missions Trip Photos

Here are some random photos from the missions trip. We have some that are really "goofy", however, we are being nice and not posting all the photos we have - thats for future "blackmail" (Hee Hee, just joking!)
Shanda with one of the kids from VBS.
The girls wanted to stay up late one evening-all night- however, Sofia didn't make it the whole evening.
We decided that Derrick would be the trash man on the way back home. Must admit that he was tormented a lot with very small pieces of trash. Well Mary decided, with the help of others, to make a nasty looking tissue. He really wasn't sure what to think of this.
Joanne - one of the chaps!!!
Shanda and Megan suppose to be helping with lunch but I think they ate a bunch before it was put in the dish!!
Pastor Plank ran the sound system during VBS.
Here comes the crew getting in line for lunch. On some days they seemed to think they were starving!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IM BACK!!!! haha

o my! how'd that happen?!?! ;)