Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

I just wanted to take this time to tell my Mom how special she is.
I realize now, not when I was at home, how much my mother sacrificed for us.
We were not well off by any means, but mom made life fun and enjoyable. She also
did without so that my brother
and I could have things that we probably really didn't even need....just thought
that we did.
While living at home -- my mom was the foundation. Keeping us all
in organized and arriving on time.
She was my mom.
As I was married, and life went on, I have realized that
we can't do anything about getting older and time
passing us by. Nothing but enjoy the moments that we have.
To treasure the memories and love as if it were our last day.
My mom has taught me about unconditional mom has become my best friend.
Thanks mom, for being there for me always.
For being you!

Visiting Hershey

The kids went on a field trip to Hershey, Pa on Thursday. They had a tour of the
police academy -- was able to see the shooting range and horses.....for some reason,
I know I took pictures but I can not find them.
After the Police Acadmy we found a scrapbook store!!!! OHHHHHH, it was BIG.
I than took the kids on a quick trip to Hershey World -- we have
been there before but Clayton doesn't remember the trip.
I'll have to take him again, when we have more time.
Picture above is som thing that is "my kind of food!"

Okay, so I didn't buy one of these, but I'm thinking maybe
I should have!
We did get our photo taken together and had it put on
a hershey wrapper.
You know me and pink -- well add chocolate and you can't
get any better.

Shalene discover the chocolate baked goods!
Our next field trip is this Friday to New York-- Corning Factory.
We get to make a glass and blow eggs....
should be pretty fun.

Fun With Food

My mom shared this pics with me and thought I'd pass them along..............can you make something like this??? I'd love to see the pics.