Sunday, February 10, 2008

Funny Pictures :

We haven't really been voicing our "political" opinion, we are watching all the reports and trying to keep up to date on the situation.
I hope this post / pictures don't offend anyone. We are all allowed our opinion ! However, No question asked we are not voting for this candidate. But I will admit that I did get a kick out of these photos............I wouldn't want her holding my kid!!!! Oh, and I'm not for Obama either--however, the picture was "cute" In all honesty: these two choices scare me!!! My choice right now is to simply pray that our nation will make the right decision. That they choose what is Godly and put family and life first. I realize that God has this all in his hands and prayer is the best thing to do. (Amy)

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tim said...

GO McCAIN!!!!!!