Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter must have - peeps. The kids love em. Alyssa likes to set hers out and let them get hard before she eats em. Well, Steve gave a peep a try. He decided they weren't his favorite.
OK - so this pic is a funny face!!!! We hid plastic eggs with money in em...they had certain color eggs for each one - so they could only pick up the egg that was there color. Here is Shalene with her egg bucket and beautiful facial expression.
Alyssa is getting frustrated!!! She can't find her eggs and Bree (our cocker spaniel) decided to wrap her leash around her feet (which you can't see!) We NEVER seem to have GREEN grass and flowers when we egg hunt.
Clayton hunting for his eggs.....he can't seem to find that egg that is right above his head. He walked away from this till his sisters mentioned that he missed something.
A man's best friend. Steve and Sable are buddies!!!
(Posted by Amy - I'm sure the girls will complain about the pictures!! Giggle!!)


lyssa said...

ok, i dont like them HARD- just stale, lol, so that their sorta chewy. u should try them lik that :)

Anonymous said...

o yea lyse ur my hero!!!

AIM said...

I loooooooooove those peeps. We can't get them here. Hope you all had a nice Easter. Love you guys!

Faith said...

Hey! So fun to find your blog! I had to laugh when I saw the photos of the pigs... some of my earliest memories of summers on the farm with Steve's family (pre-Steve years, however!) are about their pigs. Most memorable was the first time the boys sent me to slop them: "You stand right there in front of the trough..." Yeh, just imagine!!

Amy, your scrapbooking is awesome and your basket of roses is beautiful!

Interesting... I think the kids were on my brother's coach for that trip to NYC.

Keep posting, whoever! You're doing a great job. I'll add you to my blog list so I can come back and visit every so often. :)