Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lego Fun

This is the Lego set that Clayton got for his birthday gift. For 2 days we didn't see much of him....kindda quiet in the household!!! So, my 8 year old son read the crazy looking directions (kindda like a map????giggle) and built this police station.
This is the back view. The cops have an office ( computer )and snack room (water jug & table-- coffee maker and little cups) You can also see the police car and truck parked in the garage.

Here is the car, truck and motorcycle along with the police dog. You can see the cell with the prisoners in (they even have little commods in the cell) Down to the hand cuffs.
This is something Clayton really loves to do - build with LEGOS!!! I really don't think I could have done this! (posted by Amy)

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