Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sunday Afternoon - Stephanie and Phoebe came over to our house while Clayton went to visit their brother Reuben. So we had 4 girls for the afternoon while Clayton & Reuben went for a hike to the pond and had a blast in the woods. Here the girls are eating fresh pineapple.
Shalene & Stephanie decided to eat outside - still a little chilly out but hey, we have hope. We do have some flowers popping up so that is exciting.
Alyssa & Phoebe--they basically hiked for most of the day. So long that Steve started to wonder about them and went off to find em.
Taking a break - Actually they were sitting here with there shoes off saying they were letting there feet "air out" after the hike. BUT, they wouldn't let me take that picture!!

Just an update -- I have some pictures of a bedroom that is VERY MESSY!!! So if the girl (Alyssa) doesn't get her room cleaned by Friday I am gonna post these pictures!!! It will show you what a wonderful housekeeper she is (GIGGLE - Typical teen I'm sure - however, I'm hoping to get the room cleaned out of this!!!)

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lyssa said...

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE that pic!!!!!!!!!