Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today at the wedding one of my best friends was there - with a present for ME!!!! YIPPEE. So for those of you who had not seen my previous post - we painted my kitchen a chocolate and pink and I have a sign above my sink about chocolate. So Lois found me a cute chocolate & pink picture & plate to match!!! This picuture says: Chocolate is best shared with a friend. And the plate below says: A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine!!! You can't tell but the plate is a pale pink trimmed in the chocolate color. Sorry, the sunshine makes it a little hard to see the colors - however, I'm not gonna complain about the sunshine.

We did finish painting my dinning room the same colors and I must say I love it!!! Thanks so much Lois for thinking of me. I love the gifts and they look perfect in my kitchen!!!
(Posted by Amy)

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Anonymous said...

wow! What a great friend!!!!!!! from Lois. Ha Ha