Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Recipe Cards

I joined a couple of recipe swaps online (split coast stampers & two peas) and I think I have them all finished. The OreoTruffle (black & white card) has a "ghost" shape on it that you can't see. I believe I did 12 of these. The Peanut Butter Cheesecake I did 26 and the other 2 (Broccoli Pasta Salad & Stuffed French Toast) I believe I only had to do 7 of each. I'll mail these out and get a bunch of NEW recipes and they will already be decorated and ready to put in a cute box. Talk about getting my recipes organized. GIGGLE - If you could see my jumble in the cabinet.

Here is a Rhubarb pie (the red and black did 8, I think) an orange cream punch (8) and a Raspberry Cobbler (12) I'm really looking forward to getting my new ones back & trying out all the great recipes. This would also be a wonderful gift for someone. (OH, they are all for different swaps, they don't go to the same place)
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