Tuesday, May 13, 2008

At the Park

Today, the homeschool group that we belong to had a day at the park. Bike riding, football and then they made sundaes. Just a chance for the group to get together and have a little fun.

Shalene, Rebecca & Alyssa enjoying the wonderful weather. My 2 questions I had for them: 1. How were they gonna get home with wet skirts? Since I wasn't letting them sit in my van!! 2. How much duck muck (note the ducks behind the girls) did they walk in? UGH
We enjoyed watching the ducks on the stroll around the park. A few of the mothers took walks around the park (we went to the Lewisburg Park) and we just had a good time of fellowship.
Sherry was the ice cream server.
(Posted by Amy)

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Anonymous said...

(third picture up) it was kinda gushy under your feet,but it was wonerful to get in some water!!!! my sister Lyssa made me by saying she and Rebecca did it and were doing it again!! Shalene