Saturday, May 10, 2008

Women's Day of Hope

Brenda Gay Shumaker - wonderful speaker. Special songs by Divine Testimony. The woman on the Left is the one who planned the day. Great Job.

Today I had the privilege of attending a Woman's Day of Hope with my sister-in-law, Vickie. We were able to hear Brenda Gay Shumaker speak. Now if you haven't heard this wonderful lady speak on the radio, you are missing something. She has little clips on our local radio and she also appears on TV. This is the first I've heard her speak in person, and she was wonderful. She spoke on the rooms of our house (our physical house as well as our spiritual). It was very uplifting and encouraging. We then had a luncheon and a great time of fellowship. Thanks Vickie, for inviting me to go!!

(Posted by Amy)

For those of you who wanted to see some pictures from the Penn View Auction -- SORRY!! I took the camera and sat it at the "Office" with my purse and therefore did not take any pictures. HOWEVER, I want you to know that I suffered through the cheesecake contest, since I was one of the judges!!! What an awesome job. Hope they ask me to do that one again.

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