Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beavertown GMC Vacation Bible School

SO, can you tell what the theme is? Yep, Kid Under Construction. Tonight we had 194 kidz!! WOW, lots of action tonight.
Phoebe & John -- these 2 are workers on the bus. We have 3 bus routes going!! Gotta be a hot job.

Lori & Valeri getting snacks ready. One box for each bus and then set up for all the walk-in kids.
John & Barbara Baker are doing our VBS.
Phoebe loving the little ones...or the other way around!
Shalene, she was one of the people who sat with the kids. She had to take these 2 little guys out a couple of times. My job is registration and Alyssa is doing a bunch of odd jobs this year. While Clayton is enjoying the program.

Here is Lauren, she decided she couldn't sit inside so long so she is stretching her legs outside. A few of the smaller ones decided to take a break outside where they could wiggle a little more.
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