Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eye Update

Well, we are back from the doctor's office (The eye center of Central Pa - Doctor Hartzell) and here is the verdit:
Steve has uveitis.....It is caused by a virus--mumps,shingles, chicken pox - they are never for sure which virus you may have had to cause the eye problem. It causes pain, redness, blurred vision and light sinsitivity. And can permanently affect sight or lead to blindness if not treated. Well, since it was left go too long (um, I think that means that I was right and he should have called the doctor sooner) it is now a bit more complicated and has caused the iris to do some funny things. He is at this point using two strong eye drops (one can cause death in a small dog or child if they drank it) and will go back to the doctor next Tues. They hope these drops will take care of the problem with his iris and lens of his eye and all will be well. HOWEVER, if the drops do not work he will have some blood work and tests done to see what is the next needed step. So we ask for continued prayer in this situation, that these drops will take care of the problem and no further tests needed.
(Posted by Amy)

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