Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Now if there is one thing I HATE in life it is grocery shopping. I HATE it. You know, go shop and try to remember everything and load it in the cart. Unload at register and reload. Load in van then unload at home, and then put it away. I HATE it. Well, my SIL and I went shopping in State College last Friday evening. We left at 6:00 and got home at 1:00. Now all we did is grocery shop, at one store. However, at this store they double your $1.00 coupons - no limit. So I spent $273.00 and saved with coupons around $385.00. That's a HUGE savings. We both saved around the same amount. We had stuff on the bottom of the cart, loaded high and hooked on the side. What a site. But hey, if we go every 6 weeks and make a savings like that its worth it. You should have seen us load Vic's van down. She had her back seat out and we had that baby FULL.

So yeah, it took a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, but it really was worth the savings. I didn't buy much at all without a coupon. Many things were free or 50-25 cents each.
I bought stuff that I may have never been able to afford. So when I was unpacking I pulled a box out and it was alreading opened!!! WHAT???? and this small voice behind me says, "I ate that too" -- Too, you mean there is more stuff already opened. Well, I won't say who it was...however, Clayton & Shalene were away with Steve that day!!

Caught in the act!!!!! Now you know who was digging in all my groceries.

(Posted by Amy)

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