Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Fun Day in Miami

We were able to take the kids on a fun day on Saturday!! We divided up into two groups, one group went to ride on air boats (which I will get some pics from someone and post later since that isn't the group I went with) Our group went to Bayside and took a boat tour of Star Island a ride on the metro and shopping at Bayside. We then had all gotten together and went to the beach. Above is a photo of some of the girls having fun on the beach.
Sofia and Megan at the beach.
Alyssa & Megan

I loved these trees they had in Miami.
On the tour boat with the city behind us. Picture below is of the group that went to Bayside.

Our metro ride.

OK, this was not my kindda thing but hey, when in Florida.

One of the houses on star island. One of the homes had costs 75 million dollars. They had paid $5,000 per tree (they imported different types of palm trees.)

These guy was so neat. He'd make the most hilarious noises when you would put money in his bucket.

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