Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Washington DC

This past weekend we went to Washington DC. Parked at Union Station and then rode the trolly.

Ok, this pic would not turn for me. Sorry!!

My uncle, Larry K Spangler - Vietnam wall. Larry was a marine.

We were able to see the changing of the guard at the Arlington Cemetary.

We were able to get a Congressional tour of the capital. This was about a 2 hour tour but very interesting. Took an underground tunnel from the office buildings into the basement of the capital.
Well, Alyssa took this picture so its - well, you decide. It was good and hot in DC but we had fun. We ALL learned somethings about our history.
We went to Georgetown in the evening and did some shopping. This is a pic of the inside of a mall.

Hope Diamond -- 45.52 carrots, deep blue in color. Surrounded by 16 white diamonds and the chain has 46 diamonds. We saw this at one of the museums. We also were able to see the only DeVinci that is in the I"m not a big art person, so I really can't say it impressed me by the looks, however, it was impressive to see a famous painting.
The kids saw "bums" for the first time. It is a very sad thing to see, people digging through the trash for food. However, there were many begging for money, who were dressed in designer shoes & jeans and smoking. WOW, lots of nerve begging while your smoking up the money.

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