Saturday, August 23, 2008

Frugal Shopping

Thursday night my SIL and I went to State College to do our grocery shopping (I think its been 8 weeks or so since we went and did this!) Anyway, we collect all our coupons, since this store will doube $1.00 coupons and we head out. We are usually in there around 4 hours. AND save My bill was...........drum roll please...........I paid $243 and I saved $332!!!! The guy behind me kept watching my screen to see what my bill was and what I saved. When the cashier gave me my reciept he didn't roll it up and so as I walked away from the register I had this trail of receipt flapping in the wind....took me a little distance before it come from behind the register -- see pic below, not a good pic but shows you how long it was!! So I'm loading up the groceries (Vic has to take her back seat out of the van to get it all in) and the guy who stood behind me at the grocery comes out of the store and walks by and says "you did good for yourself in there" Well, that made me feel good. Since I was a bit worried about him getting frustrated at how long it took to ring up all the coupons!! Now Vickie comes out and loads her groceries and tells me her story. There were 3 ladies lined up behind her at the register. They were all cheering her on, saying "you go girl" and such. After the coupons were rung and all that the lady in the back says, "Whats the total saved" So the cashier had to basically make an announcement to the line of women informing them of her total savings. So it was an experience.

I figure with the time it takes to organize the coupons and all Vickie and I make about $30.00 an hour on our coupons savings.

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