Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ping Pong Shopping

OK, this is for all of you mothers out there. How many of you have ever taken "multiple young people" (in otherwords more than one kid) shopping? Well, on Wednesday I took all three of my young people shopping. Now, we were not looking for anything specific, just seeing what back to school sales we could find. And we did find some deals. HOWEVER, I will admit that when the day was over I felt like a ping pong ball that had a small crack and dented in at the side.

You ask: "Why did you feel like a ping pong ball?"

Well, many of you mothers/parents who have taken multiple young people shopping realize that NONE of them have the same interst or wear the same style or when you are in a specific store or section of a store you have multiple voices calling MOM. However, they are never standing together -- it is always on opposite sides of you. Henceforth the thought of a ping pong ball. You know - BACK & FORTH, BACK & FORTH. Oftentimes it is something that is NOT necessary AT ALL, or its something that you really have no clue what the purpose of the item is. BUT, the "young people" can explain to you why you should spend your savings account on the item......and they may use it for a month. (Now, my kids aren't that bad, well, um, all the time......but I have had those moments) I feel I was the ball in a professional game, very HIGH speed and intense game. However, I did survive --BUT with a small crack and dent.

I believe that the players do not deserve the gold medal for this game--but the ping pong ball for surviving.

We can laugh or we can cry!! I choose to laugh and enjoy my "multiple young people" (kids!)

OH, yeah -- Value City has some American Eagle clothes at GREAT PRICES. And the Selinsgrove thrift shop had some great brand name items at "MY PRICE!"


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