Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday School Treasure Hunt

Today, some of the pre-teens that I teach in Sunday School went on a treasure hunt/search!! This is a pic of those who went....missing a few from the class!!!

We divided into three teams and were given a list of 20 or so things that the group had to find, each thing was worth so many points per item found--the team with the most points won the prize! (My team WON!! YIPPEE)
Above-- Here are some of the kids hunting in the scrapbook store. The object - to find the sticker pack that was marked "pick me"
My crew that I drove around coming out of the the Wendy's store....they had to buy a sandwich & eat it before leaving.Had to get the car washed that they were in before moving on down the road. Other things they had to do: buy a banana, certain brand of matches, go to the SU college campus and find the name of the music hall, buy a pair of pink baby socks at a thrift shop, get a Mexican menu, find a music store and buy something 2.00 or less, go to Wengers and buy 3 slices provolone, go to Green Ridge and buy 2 slices Virginia ham, find street names that stores were located on or what stores were beside them and many others.Here we all are taking a break at the pizza shop in the mall -- they had to be there at 12:00 for 500 points....each min. late they would lose points. Ruth's group made it with seconds to spare.
This was one of the "favorite" things the kids did....kidding!.....Trish only had 3 on her team while the rest had 4 so she lucked out and helped with this project.......eating a jar of babyfood before they were alowed to leave the parking lot. YUM!! My team all got sweet potatoes - Shalene started gagging on hers and from that point on I heard nothing but complaing about the babyfood.....However, I think they all enjoyed the trip.

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