Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to Vote!!

Okay - thanks to all of you who have given me ideas as to an online scrapbook name. NOW, I'm asking for help in voting. I've searched out a few of the names to see if they were taken (some that were suggested did not pass the test, as far as companies in Pa or already on line companies so please don't be bummed if yours isn't listed on the vote -- Carole all of yours had something come up online!!) -- I also have to remember to watch the search engine and all that great stuff (any other business in Pa that name and all) SOOOOOO, I have a few to vote on. On the side of the blog you will see a poll, I am asking you all to vote on your favorite name.

Remember, this is for an online business. I will be making scrapbook kits. This would be for mini albums and selling kits/directions. My colors will be pink & white.

For those who helped me out, if your suggested name wins on the voting poll you will have the choice of prizes that I listed earlier on. HOWEVER, please, remember that we have final say in what name I actually use...I just want opinions from everyone AND I have to register the name I've choosen with the Pa Courthouse- at times this can be a problem with being denied that name for one reason or just picking the name isn't the only thing I gotta wory about.

THANKS to all of you for your help......PLEASE VOTE!

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beutifulfamily said...

Hummmm, I guess that means my names were good, just for someone else!!!!! Hope everything goes well.