Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look Carefully!!

Well, it seems NO ONE can figure all of these out so I'm posting the answers (Oct. 8th) with the pictures!!

Look at each picture, try to determine what it represents and write down your answers. Post a reply in the comment section of this post and lets see who can get them ALL correct first.
Lets start -- look at the first picture and see if you can guess what it is - I'll put the answer to the first picture at the bottom of this post....I'm anxious to see who can get EVERYONE correct peeking at others answers until you think you have them all then go and post!!

Picture # 1: Pool Table

Picture #2: Gator Aide Picture #3: Doctor Pepper
Picture #4: Egg Plant
Picture #5: Night Mare
Picture #6: Whole Milk
Picture # 7: I Pod
Picture # 8: Assaulted Peanut

Answer for picture #1 is pool table!!

Have fun! Amy


Anonymous said...

#6 is holy cow!!!!!!!!!!! lol gotta love cows!! lol!!

love you all!!!.

lyssa said...

and where do u see a cow in that pic?? haha jk..