Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Well, I will admit that I was one of those who was lined up at Walmart in Selinsgrove when the doors opened for the door busters!!! (the pics are not mine -- I had taken some but it was dark out and none of them really look the greatest!! Maybe I'll get some stuff posted next week) Anyway we arrived around ten minutes before the doors were to open (at 5:00 in the morning) the kids, my parents and even Steve went.....although he acts like this will be the first and last year he attends the activity!!
When we arrived it was packed but we were able to find a parking spot fairly quickly and went to line up....we stood in line and then we began to hear very grumpy voices yelling back and forth....well, had I stopped to "think" that early in the morning, I would have realized that we were standing very close to the front they had ropped off a "walkway" for people to stand in (along the front of the store and out into the parking lot)but a new line started going the opposite way across the front of the store (which we happened to be in just because it was the first line we came upon!!!) Well, we weren't in the correct line -- BUT, we then noticed at about 2 min. before the store was to open around 10 people came up to the store and stood directly across from the doors (across the "road" ped. crossing in the dirt/flower/shrub area) well, thats when the ones who had been waiting a LOOOOONG time started getting mad and yelling at those new people....(and the new people yelled back!!!) I will admit that I was beginning to wonder if we should go stand at the car and wait a few minutes. Well when the door opened there was no turning back -- you had to move with the crowd!! And we become some of the first to enter the store!!!! Without any fights breaking out (thank the Lord!!)
We did manage to get out the door with some of the doorbusters!!!! But it was interesting. The lady behind Alyssa decided she wasn't moving fast enough so she rammed her in the back end....Alyssa pushed back and the lady sighed, left her cart and boogied around everyone (which was almost impossible to get around anyone as crowded as it was) I keep thinking "I wonder how the employees felt when they were standing at the registers watching this massive amount of people swarming into the store!!! WOW
We then went to Best Buy for some door busters and hit the mall. At around 9:00 a.m. we were ready for LUNCH!!! Needless to say, we shopped all day and got home around 5:00 in the evening! With bags around everyone and on laps and all spaces available our van was a bit packed!! But hey, we got some deals, a few laughs and frustrations. And we made memories.

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