Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Field Trip

This past Tues a group of local homeschool students went on a field trip to Catherman's candy shoppe (and bakery) and to the Lewisburg Post Office. We had around 40 students attend along with parents & grandparents. It was just a nice time to be able to get together with some of the other familes.

Are you getting hungry yet?

Here they are watching a wheel spin the chocolate to keep it smooth and warm for dipping. Talk about smelling wonderful!

Monica, Shalene, Alyssa and Rebecca at the post office.

Some of the younger ones sorted some of the is Jennifer and Clayton sorting mail. I hope the postal carriers didn't have a messed up day and have their mail all twisted around!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,I know some of these ppl.Like Becca of course the stahl children Monica,John,Jamison and Jennifer,Wade Herrick,Samantha,Dolan and Kimberly,and I think that's it.Lorissa