Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Free Christopher & Banks Shirts & More

Go here and she will tell you how.....BUT, it is now only good to get one free shirt (there was a different sale yesterday!)

OOOOHHHHH - I went on later after posting this and I was able to get a black/white plaid looking skirt!!!! For free Bias Plaid A-Line Skirt but for some reason it doesn't come up now at 9.99!!! Try it??? For some reason when I went on my sons computer and this skirt came up as 9.99 but now when I go to check it on my daughters computer it doesn't show a sale price...however, there was a red skirt for the 9.99!!!
In short you :
1. go to Christopher and Banks web page purchase something for less than 10.00 --on the link above she shows you were there are shirts for 9.99 or less
2. enter the code 81015 to receive 10.00 off order,
3. they are running free shipping so you will receive this for free
4. Check the link out above for more details!!

Dec 3rd -- I have received a confirmation that my package was shipped!!! This is awesome!

Go here and find out how you can purchase $50 in Olay items and pay around $5.00!!!

Let me know if any of you find this post helpful -- I don't want to keep posting things on this blog if there isn't anyone interested in this stuff...so leave a post and let me know if you used these links!! Thanks


Anonymous said...

Got the Olay and extra items...it came out to $15 that I had to pay for $66 worth of stuff! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Christopher and Banks code. It worked! Now we'll see if I get anything in the mail. Just seemed to good to be true.
Thanks again~ Katrina

Tricia said...

I used the Christopher & Banks code. Keep posting these things! I check every so often, and use them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting the tips! I do find them helpful, thanks!