Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Visiting the Billy Graham Library

When you think of a library you think of books -- however, this was not books -- it was basically a library telling you of the life of Billy Graham. Here you see the "barn" with the cross in it -- that is the library. The brick house is his childhood home. You are greeted by very friendly volunteers who make you feel very welcome and comfortable. Then you head to the barn where Bessie the cow tells about Billy Grahams childhood. You then move to a small video clip with various testimonies. As you follow the tour you will go through different rooms telling of many places Billy Graham has been and seen with lots of items to see. This is some of what the flyer says: You enter through the foot of the cross (which is the front of the building you see above, which is 40 feet high) There are scripture passages emblazoned on the wooden structural beams in hope that you will see beyond the man and be touched by the message of God's love"
Bessie the cow

This was one of the rooms that was showing how Billy Graham used radio as a ministry.

One of the many quotes throughout the tour

Shows the Communism and the down of the Berlin Wall. You then will walk out through more crosses and volunteers wait to pray with those who would like. Through the entire tour they are playing beautiful church music and scriptures throughout. There was just a nice special feel to this place. There is also a prayer garden.
The younger kids (Clayton) are given cards of things to hunt for while they go through the tour. This made it more interesting for Clayton and he then received a little gift for doing the hunt.
If your ever in Charlotte, NC and have time this is a really nice place to stop. Free of charge....they do have a book store and dairy bar when you are finished. I must admit that I don't place a lot on people but on God, so I wasn't sure what to expect when we went. However, I really think this was a great place for a family to visit.

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