Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visiting Pap and Grandma

We -finally- went down to my pap and grandma Stahl's for Christmas haha (and sorry for not getting the pics from our christmas in SC on here... and the ones of our christmas haha iv been busy, what can i say) so today we went down there and visited with them.

dad with the camera (i think he was kinda forced to take pictures:)

clayton in pap's hat haha
great-gram Stauffer

my grandma Stahl

pap and his gifti kinda fell asleep... then mom woke me up with the flash from the camera :(


Shirley Dye said...

It was nice to see Marlin and Myrna again. Nice pictures!!! Hope you're not covered with snow. It's coming down here and we had about a foot on the ground the other day. It think we're to get freezing rain/sleet, etc. today.

Stahl Family said...

Yep, lots of snow here mixed with ice!!! Kids love it -- me ...ummmm...nope!