Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

First -- we try to get a picture of Clayton with this tree every year. Papal & Grandma Spangler bought this when he was born...looks like the tree is taller!!! but not by far.

Friday evening we went to a Jaime Slocum concert (free will offering) -- sorry the pictures aren't very good -- we used Alyssa's camera and it wasn't doing very well with the lighting. We were able to purchase his new CD that is due out until Tuesday!!! Yeah, not too much earlier but we now don't have to wait around. Clayton will sometimes go to his room and sing "VERY LOUDLY" to some of these songs. I really love hearing him sing! My brother-in-law & family ( Wes, Vic & Ryan) went along, as well as a couple friends that the kids invited. Afterwards we went out for pizza and just had a great family time!
We were able to get on the 4th it was a nice time.

Saturday the girls wanted to go to Margeaux's violin recital. Margeaux is the one who has been giving the girls violin lessons for the past 2 years. She is graduating from Susq. University and will be going to grad school - so they will be having a new teacher. She is the sweetest thing and the girls really love her as a teacher. Maybe Alyssa will be able to put a video clip on soon so you can hear how great of a violinist she is.

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