Sunday, April 5, 2009

Traveling Meal

This past Saturday our youth group gathered together and went on a Traveling meal. The first stop was in Beavertown at Stevie's house for some "hors doeuvres" that his mom made up for the crew. Next stop - The Maloyds for soup then off to Merle and Melissa's for salad. They then went to Doug and Sarahs for Lasagna and all the goodies to go with the main part of the meal. Last stop was our place for dessert, games and fun.

A crew decided to try the piano out and sing to all of us!!!! Love Julias facial expression!
Cayden came along and had fun watching the volleyball game.
Had a few games of Blockus going -- these were the smarter people who stayed inside where it was warmer!!!

Some decided to try out the tire swing. (yes, that is Alyssa on the tire!)

While lots of em played volleyball.
Once it turned dark they had a game of man hunt outside. Must admit that it was cold and windy yesterday.

Some stayed inside and went to the basement for some air hockey.
We ended the evening with several games of Mafia.....a youth group favorite. If you haven't played this game -- well, lets just say it can get VERY loud but fun.
When they left Clayton made a comment that it was quiet in the house!!! I think we had 16 youth and then the chaps so we did have a good turn out. Lots of games going on and laughs!!! As well as tons of energy -- oh, I wish I had that much energy!

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