Monday, May 18, 2009


Clayton, Lyssa and John going on the KSploosh (or whatever it is called) this is were you get 1000's of gallons of water dumped on you -- hee hee, not sure how much water but needless to say that when you land at the bottom its like a tunnel of water surrounding the little boat and when people are getting off of the boat they are trying to find a dry spot on their clothing to wipe their glasses off...they never find the dry spot. People who are standing on the side watching -- well, the one little boy literally got knocked over by the water wave that flew at him!
Below is the picture that I tried to take when they landed...just to give you a bit of an idea as to the water!!

Alyssa and John being brave.

The bumper cars are the ultimate favorite!!!! Each one of us has things we like to ride but as far as a family ride -- the bumper cars are it! This was the first year that Clayton was old/tall enough to drive a bumper car by himself -- he decided that it was pretty cool.

I can't go here and not get a funnel cake while visiting....I must admit that I had to have my very own and couldn't share!!! I LOVE funnel cakes. Okay - not sure why I'm showing you how big my mouth is -- but I did want you to know that this funnel cake was WONDERFUL -- and NO, I didn't eat all of the funnel cakes...

Clayton LOVES driving the old cars!!

Alyssa, John and Clayton (in the back, can't hardly see him) One of Steve's very favorite things to do is stand on the deck and watch the people come down on the log can pay a quarter to shoot bursts of water at the people ----- he seems to love doing this.

This was the first year that Alyssa decided she'd give the roller coasters a chance -- John talked her into it.... Shalene & I were getting ready to climb on board but Shalene decided she didn't think she was up to it this time around...once Alyssa rode it the first time....there was no stopping her!

The kids HAD to get a BIG pickle. It isn't like I don't make pickles that taste the same!! But they wanted a HUGE one.


Brenda said...

Looks like you all had fun! I love amusement parks. Especially the roller coasters.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm going June 27 and can't wait. Lorissa Lindley.