Friday, May 15, 2009

My Treasures

Today Alyssa and I had to take the puppies into the vet to get their tails docked...after we were finished and the babies returned to the very unhappy mother, we decided to hit some yardsales.
So off we went.....found some clothes for everyone, but myself (I did get a pair of shoes) BUT, I found some really awesome stuff. First I found a big bag of old clothes pins. The last picture shows you what I plan to do with em...I'm gonna roll all of my scrapbook ribbon on them and then get really big glass jars and fill the jars!!! OHHHHH, I've gotta get busy, I'll have to post a picture when I finally get that project finished.
I also found some old thread spools(which I've wanted to find for awhile), that I'll probably use for ribbon as well. Then I came across doilies and old hankies. I love these for sticking in little places all around the house. I came across an old chicken crate but it wasn't in the best of shape for the price they wanted!! I WANT one of those old crates...been drooling over them for a long time. Oh well, maybe nest yardsale.

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