Monday, July 27, 2009

Shalene has BRACES!!!

Shalene, before she went into the office to get her braces.

If you click on the picuture below it will make it bigger and you can actually see the braces!!! Today, Shalene had her top braces put on. Well, I really wanted to blackmail Shalene and post some real good pics of her with her mouth all stretched out. However, she has BEGGED me not to post those, so, for once, I'll be nice and not put those on here. She choose the teal and violet colors first.

I must admit it was a busy day today...our dog had surgery, Shalene braces, and than my hubby and I headed out to celebrate our anniversary!!! We ended up purchasing some patio furniture and a fire pit. I'll have to get some pictures and share with you soon.

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Carole B. said...

Oh Miss Shalene - the time with braces will go fast, maybe not fast enough, but then your pretty smile will be gorgeous. Hang in there. My oldest son had to endure braces, but he has a beautiful smile now!