Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working on the Missions Trip

The finished sign that the youth group put up and designed

The small cross that was made to put up inside the church.

Landscape work...all of the grass was sprayed and then the following day the work began on the parking lot.

Okay, we admit that there were some paint splotches on the carpet when all was said and done, so they had to scrub a dub dub!!

Shalene and Collette painting.

Justin and Pastor Matt cutting the lumber for the flower boxes.

Alyssa, up on the roof painting the chimney

Shalene, working at scraping windows

Alyssa helping to stain the cross for the front of the church.

Shalene and Tiffany with kitchen duty.

Vanessa, Alicia, Monica and Shalene -- painting away

We painted the inside and outside of the church...worked at making a church sign which the put up and did wood burning for the sign. The group did post for the driveway entrance, did the parking lot, made flower beds along the walkway and sign and put in new windows and doors. These kids kept busy this week.

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