Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Update

I've been behind on posting so here is a family update:

Steve went for his CAT scan yesterday so we will see what is happening soon. He did go to the doctor last Thursday. It appears that both of his eyes are having problems. Pray that they will find what is causing all of this and things will be taken care of.

Shalene & Clayton have had colds...poor Shalene, her nose was so red on Sunday. But they seem to be getting better. Alyssa hasn't been sleeping well and seems to be tierd a lot...she has allergies so tis the season for her. Lyssa will soon be taking her drivers test...I'm looking forward to her driving and saving me time but I also dread the thought of not knowing!!!

I haven't been sleeping well as of late....not sure why because when I finally get to go to bed I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. Think maybe I'm trying to do too much. I will soon have my canning finished. Want to can some apple bread yet, lemon curd and will be getting two boxes of grapes soon. I still have that pumpkin waiting and maybe some apples....did I say I'd be done soon? HUMMMMMMMM, maybe not.

The store (frostitpink.com) has been picking up - I thank the Lord for that!
Oh, and we now have two "apricot" (color) toy poodles. Both of the girls purchased these and plan to raise puppies as they get a bit older. Shalene named hers Chloe and Alyssa named hers Diynki(Dinkey) We will post pictures later.
Alyssa and Shalene have been asked to play in the instrumental ensemble at Penn View - this is the school where they use to attend and I worked......so the girls have joined this, playing the violin. They have practice Monday (7:45pm) and Wed/Frid @ 2:10 -- so this adds to our running and confussion for the week. (this is one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to Lyssa driving!!!) The music seems hard for them but they seem to be enjoying it. They will travel with the college choir so this should be fun for them.

Below are some pictures that my mom sent me of our troops.......This makes me appreciate all that I have.

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