Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Has Arrived

To celebrate the fall season we have been eating some wonderful foods....last evening we had apple crisp cheese ball with graham twists. Today we are enjoing apple pecan cinnamon rolls!!! OHHHHHH, talk about the taste and smell of fall!!! You can find the recipe here at Mommy? I'm Hungry
Something else that I love to eat this season -- pumpkin spice hershey kisses -- Love em

Here is the pumpkin tree we made!!! Love it....I can't remeber whose blog I saw this one but I stole the idea!! These are little hot peppers and the jar is packed full of acorns. Cheap and cute decoration!

We are going to be making apple pie filling to can this week.....then we can enjoy apple crisp throughout the winter.

I made 2 arrangements this for the foyer and one in the kitchen. I really must admit that I like how these turned out.

Fall has arrived at our house...decorations are being put up and the weather is chilly and brisk. Acorns and leaves are dropping and the fall colors are just stunning. This is a great time of the to enjoy the outdoors....

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Carole B. said...

Your recipes sound wonderful and your arrangements - well, lets put it this way, I will be expecting a shipment soon.

(They are very nice!)