Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cookies and More Cookies

As promised here are some of the cookie bake pictures that I took.... it took us a day and a half but we have our holiday baking done and that is such a wonderful feeling......we also had a wonderful time visiting with each other as we baked. Filling the apricot cookies

Steve taking some of the cookies home -- more to come!

Clayton even got into the spirit of helping!!!!

Courtney working on the thumbprints

We got a little backed up at the stove.

These were all divided amoung 5 families -- we did have help from our daughters and from Susan Lara - she was our teacher for the day and she did a wonderful job. Anywho - each of the 5 familes took home 49.5 dozen cookies. Thats a lot of cookies!

One of my favorite cookies - peach - these have a cream filling and a cherry in the middle......So Good!

Here I am getting ready to fill all of those ladyfingers....well, I did have help! Lyssa loves this job.

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Anonymous said...

The cookies sure look good!!! Wish I had my baking done or at least started .....
~ Katrina