Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, we are told that Lyssa will get to go home this afternoon. Her diabetes was not as advanced as Shalenes. I guess Shalene having ketones was very bad (we were told 10% die and 20% have mental problems when there ketones get too high) Thankfully Lyssa did not have those and we caught Shalene just in time. As for Type 1 diabetes - out of all those who have diabeties 90% are Type 2.....so you tell me....how in the world did I get two kids, within one week, diagnosed with the same thing?

We will stop by and pick up Lyssas stack of meds and such -- and hopefully life will adjust fast and we will get back to NORMAL???

Please continue to pray for us. We want to thank those who have sent flowers and called to check on the girls. But most importantly we want to thank those who have prayed.

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Anonymous said...

We're glad to hear Alyssa is able to go home. We are thinking and praying for the girls, and for you as well, during this tough time.
~ Katrina