Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Adjusting

Well we are still adjusting to things here. The girls have been having some problems with getting their medication at the right dosage, but we are soon to be there. Since we are still adjusting to that, it means that we get up in the middle of the night to check the girls and see how they are. They have had some lows where they start shaking, hands go numb and they start seeing black.....this can be a bit scary....and than they get highs where they will get really bad headaches.....so the nurse has been great with working with us and we hope to soon be on a regular schedule.
Some of you may realize that it is important for a diabetic to wear some form of id on themselves for emergency reasons. It can mean life or death for a diabetic if they would be in an accident, pass out from a low in their meds or any other emergency that someone would face. I guess it just means that for those of us who do not have diabeties, we are in danger during an emergency....well for a diabetic....its even worse
For those who are interested (especially if you who are diabetics or know someone who is you may want to read this article --MOM) Diabetic Bracelets should be worn read the article here.
So you all know that being a teenager is hard enough as it is....but than to be "different" , as the girls put it, makes things even harder. Many of the medic alert bracelts are very , not to be unkind, but bulky and ugly. So we set out on an adventure to find the girls something cute and not so "Bright and stand outish" Below is what we found on etsy.com.....we have ordered one that is a bit different but this is basically what they have. (small pearls, in the photo it looks a bit larger or bulky but in person it is the most adorable and petite) In the bottom photo is a picture of one of the more "generic" bracelets and that one is cuter than some!!!
Anyway, It was my mission as a mother that I could help my girls make the best of a bad situation. They already feel like they stand out, because anytime they go away and eat they have to figure out the carbs, determine how much insulin, go to the bathroom, take the shot and come back out to eat. By than everyone is half finished and their food is cold.....they have been getting a little depressed with this. So than to top it all of they have to wear a UGLY medical alert bracelt......therefore, if you see my girls wearing something cute -- its to help them in an emergency and with adjusting and trying to make it a little easier.
For those of you interested if you go to etsy.com and search diabetic you will see some cute alternatives to the generic ids......they cost more, but it makes adjusting just a bit easier for a person.

I would like to thank all of you who have been understanding......who have been praying for us and showing concern. There have been many discouraging moments and lots of tears. But we are thanking God that things are not worse. That there is help and it is a livable situation. And God has been with us through each step of the way. I've been amazed at the wonderful help that Geisinger has given us through this. Many papers telling us what all to expect, one thing I was suprised to see is that diabeties really does affect the learning ability as well as the emotional state.......so all of this wonderful information has helped us in dealing with all of the changes and the workers that have spent time in teaching us!!! They have been wonderful. GOD is so GOOD and we know HE is there for us. Again, thanks to all of you who have asked about the girls and who are praying. We need all of God's help that we can get!!! so please continue to pray.

Here is another great link for diabetics and others on taking care of your phsical needs with the right foods and vitamins.


Update on Steve and his eye:

Steve is now on antibiotics to try and take care of what is causing all of his eye problems. It seems that he will constantly have to have shots in his eye to help him with the floaters and see. Therefore we are trying alternatives to try and take care of what is causing this and avoid the shots. The shots can cause problems later.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve and Amy and Family, God is Bigger Than What's The Matter! Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Been praying for ya!
Have a good day!
Love, renae :)

Mark and Laura Fultz said...

Hey, Amy. Great tip on the med bracelets. I went through the same thing several years ago. "They" told me that I would have to buy two med bracelets because my wrist was so small I needed the child's band but the adult size medallion because I had too much info for the child's. Went to "Things Remembered" and got my engraved medallion from them. Then I use pretty watch bands to match my clothes. Cracker Barrel carries a variety to choose from. Some of them are big and gaudy and not very comfy but I like the smaller beaded ones. I'll keep the etsy website in mind!