Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hershey Park

This past Friday we were able to go to Hershey Park....this was a "field trip"
with the kids school....which means we were able to get tickets pretty much
half was a loooong day--but tons of fun.

I really love the sights, colors, sounds and
smells of an amuesment park.

Shalene doesn't care for the rides that are high so she was
a very patient person when she sat and waited for John and
Alyssa (me some of the time) But she was drooling of these
HUGEMONGOUS stuffed animals....I said I'd buy her rings for one round
--so she tossed several, I tossed, Lyssa tossed and John tossed...John was able to
ring one and Shalene got this huge monekey for $2.

Alyssa had John attend with us and they rode just about all of the
rollar coasters -- I fell for it and rode some of them as well...however,
I skipped this water drop!!!! (As you can see for yourself with the sign below..and the splash above) You did not come off of this ride dry at all.

Okay, to me -- you have got to have a funnel cake
when you go to an amusement park!

Steve chasing after Clayton!

The old time cars and these race cars seemed
to be one of Claytons Favorites!

We tried on many hats while there....
this was worth a lot of laughs.

Clayton ended up being a "twizzler" -- this is how they measure who can
ride which rides

Bumper cars - A Family FAVORITE!!


Jennifer said...

We LOVE Hershey Park, but can't go this year since I'm pregnant. My ticket would be wasted! LOL Glad you all had fun.

Albert said...

Hola estaba viendo su blog me parecio muy entretenido e interesante, algo que me asombro fue la chica que salia con el sombrero es igualita a mi hermana mayor Marisa, no sabía hasta ahora que estaba surfeando por la internet que habían Stahl en EE.UU. cuestion que me a parecido genial ya que el segundo apellido de mi papá es Stahl...saludos por alla:)desde Perú