Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Sculptures In Lewisburg

So, I took these photos with my phone, they may not be the best...but I
thought you might like to see em. (these are just a couple
of em that you can see in downtown Lewisburg)
If your in Lewisburg today, Feb. 5 you could join
in the polar bear plunge (You can get your swimsuit on and jump in the
river!!! Since there is ice on it that should be fun!)
Or, you could do something a bit warm and join in the chilli
contest. Anyway...something fun to do in the winter. You missed the
Chocolate Lovers night last evening...they had lots of activites for all.
But kids can do the cocoa get together today as well.


Anonymous said...

I love the ice sculputers there so COOL!!!!!!!! :)

clayton stahl said...

Anoynmyouse is me clayton lol oopps